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    I am now Niu Colu · Jue! Even earlier every day!

    Calm down, Zhou Jinye warned himself in his heart.

    The more the situation is now, the more he can't reveal himself. Zhou Jinye squeezed his fingers and palms vigorously, trying to keep his face calm: "Auntie, I changed this screen name for fun, I see Brother Xiao's screen name. If you call it that, I will just change it."

    He didn't believe what he said, but Zhang Huiying seemed to believe it.

    It is estimated that Zhang Huiying didn't think about that, she smiled and said: "Then you have a good relationship."

    She changed her shoes, shook her hands at Lin Juexiao and Zhou Jinye and said, "Then my father and I will go first, Mom wrapped a red envelope for you under the pillow, remember to take it."

    Lin Juexiao stunned and said, "Mom, I have money."

    "I'll take it for you, it's not much." Zhang Huiying helped Lin Juexiao He straightened his collar, "Let's go first, you eat less takeout by yourself, but it's not that you don't know how to cook."

    Zhang Huiying and Lin Guoyuan finally left, Lin Juexiao was already in a cold sweat, and her back was sticky and greasy. a feeling of.

    He couldn't help but sighed. It was a morning that was so frustrating. Lin Juexiao reckoned that he would never forget this morning in decades. There were flaws everywhere, if it wasn't because his parents knew that he regarded Zhou Jinye as his younger brother. Look, maybe I will think in that direction.

    But Lin Juexiao doesn't blame Zhou Jinye. Anyway, this is something that will be faced sooner or later, it's just a matter of time, but he can't accept coming out of the closet in such an inexplicable way.

    Lin Juexiao really couldn't understand, and asked, "When did you change your name?"

    "..." Zhou Jinye may also feel a little humiliated, and said concisely, "Yesterday.

    " There is still a generation gap. Sometimes he really can't understand the thoughts of 18-year-old boys. He couldn't help asking: "Why did you change this name,

    does it sound good?"

    Zhou Jinye's ears turned red all alone, he paid the price for his impulsive act last night: "The couple's name."


    Lin Juexiao was silent for a moment.

    He has never been in love, and has no concept of a couple's name. When Zhou Jinye said this, Lin Juexiao realized that he and Zhou Jinye had always talked like an underground love.


    Juexiao asked in a soft voice: "Do you feel wronged?" Zhou Jinye: "?"

    "I haven't posted you on the Moments." Complaining about his boyfriend, seeing Zhou Jinye's unresponsiveness, Lin Juexiao patiently asked, "Is that because I never took the initiative to tell others about our relationship, or because you think I didn't tell my parents. Clear?"

    To be honest, Zhou Jinye wanted to let others know that Lin Juexiao belonged to him.

    But Zhou Jinye also knew that this matter was unrealistic. He didn't want to force Lin Juexiao to reveal his sexual orientation in front of others. After all, under this social pressure, it might affect Lin Juexiao's life and even work.

    "I'm not wronged." Zhou Jinye said, "Wait."

    Wait until he grows up; wait until he has a job; wait until he has the ability to protect Lin Juexiao when.

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