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Near the end, I always feel that Ye Zi is getting more and more little princess (mother frowns)

    After the three of them finished their meal, Zhou Jinye and Wang Lei had to go back to school.

    The school that Wang Lei was admitted to was near Zhou Jinye's school, and Lin Juexiao took him back along the way.

    On the way, Wang Lei sat alone in the back seat, and had to accept Zhou Jinye's frequent glances.

    He was speechless and rolled his eyes directly at Zhou Jinye.

    Anyway, Lin Juexiao was here, and Zhou Jinye wouldn't scold him.

    "Jinye." Lin Juexiao asked, "Have you seen your roommate?"

    "I have." Zhou Jinye nodded and said, "I was the last to arrive in our dormitory, and the rest happened to be Yes ."

    Lin Juexiao probably thought of the unpleasant things before, he hesitated and asked, "How do you feel about your roommate?"

    Zhou Jinye thought about it and said, "It feels good."

    "Okay." Lin Juexiao smiled.

    Lin Juexiao first sent the light bulb Wang Lei to the gate of the school, waved goodbye to him, and then opened to N.

    This time it is really going to be separated, Zhou Jinye is going to military training, they may not meet for two weeks.

    Zhou Jinye was particularly uncomfortable. Seeing the school gate getting closer, Zhou Jinye said childishly, "I don't want to start school."

    Lin Juexiao coaxed him, "It's just two weeks, we'll meet soon."

    "Two weeks. Zhou Jinye repeated in a low voice, sighed and muttered, "It's been a long time."

    He hadn't been separated from Lin Juexiao for that long.

    Lin Juexiao parked the car at the school gate again. He accompanied Zhou Jinye to get out of the car and prepared to take him to the school gate.

    The flow of people outside is still bustling, the volunteers during the day are still there, and there are new students.

    Lin Juexiao couldn't help but babble: "If the washing machine in the men's bedroom is for the same building, you'd better not use it. Someone will throw the shoes in it to wash."

    "It's not too much trouble if your roommate or classmate asks you for help. I still need to help, but if I keep asking you to help me with meals, etc., I still have to refuse."

    "Also, you should have military training, tanning is a small thing, but sunburn is a big thing, and you are more likely to get sunburned. , I bought you sunscreen and put it in your bag, don't be too embarrassed to not use it."

    He talked a lot, and he didn't know that Zhou Jinye didn't listen.

    Lin Juexiao finally pushed Zhou Jinye's arm and asked, "Jinye, did you hear it?"

    Zhou Jinye said "um", not sure if he really heard it or if he faked it.

    He took Lin Juexiao's hand and stood by the school gate. In the eyes of everyone, he leaned over and kissed Lin Juexiao, saying word by word, "I'm gone, you think of me, every day."

    Zhou Jinye waved at Lin Juexiao and said sullenly: "I'm really gone, remember to make a video with me at night."

    This is what they agreed a few days ago.

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