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Lights up.

    It was only after Zhou Jinye went to college that he found out that Lin Juexiao was fooling him when he said that he would be easy when he went to college. What bothered Zhou Jinye was not only his studies, but also those extracurricular activities that he had to participate in.

    What annoys Zhou Jinye the most is that he can only see Lin Juexiao once a week, and occasionally not even once a week.

    Lin Juexiao would also drive over to find him when he was free. Zhou Jinye finally survived a semester and could have a short winter vacation, which was also a winter vacation where he could be with Lin Juexiao tiredly.

    He was so happy last night that he could not sleep. The next day, he picked out clothes for a long time, and finally wore a long down jacket.

    Zhou Jinye tanned a little during the military training, but it was less than a few months before he turned white again. He handed in the papers ahead of time and left the examination room, and took the lead in dragging his suitcase to wait for Lin Juexiao at the school gate.

    Lin Juexiao arrived earlier than him and was far apart. He waved his hand at Zhou Jinye and said, "Jinye!"

    Although it was winter, the leaves on the roadside did not fall off, and there were a few scattered pieces hanging on the branches. The leaves shook happily in the wind.

    Zhou Jinye trotted over with his suitcase, hugged Lin Juexiao happily, and shouted, "Brother." "Get in the car." Lin     Juexiao

    was held in his arms and said, "It's cold outside."

There was a cup of coffee in the place, and Lin Juexiao pointed and said, "I bought it for you. It should still be hot."

    Lin Juexiao looked at Zhou Jinye's dark circles and asked, "Are you tired at the end of the week?"

    "It's okay. ." Zhou Jinye rubbed his sore eyes.

    The final week must be very tiring. He has stayed up until two or three o'clock for several consecutive nights, and he has to get up early in the morning to review.

    But Zhou Jinye didn't want to worry Lin Juexiao. Of course, the most important thing was that he saw Lin Juexiao now and hugged Lin Juexiao. After a while, he could still kiss Lin Juexiao.

    Lin Juexiao said, "Squint your eyes for a while if you're tired."

    "No need." Zhou Jinye stood up, the tiredness in his eyes was swept away, "I'm not sleepy."

    "Then do you want to go out to dinner with me tonight?" Lin Juexiao asked, "Do you remember the last time you played basketball? Those few people, just a few of them, and your brother."

    "If you don't want to go, I'll accompany you to eat at home."

    Zhou Jinye thought for a while and said, "Go.

    " But it's different from before. Last time it was Zhou Yuchen's younger brother, but this time - he was Lin Juexiao's boyfriend.

    Zhou Jinye left the examination room at the right time, just after three o'clock, and it was just right to arrive at the appointed dinner place.

    They were even one step ahead of the rest.

    Lin Juexiao and the others are accustomed to booking small boxes for gatherings, and the location is still the place where they used to meet before. Zhou Yuchen is the most familiar with the boss and greeted the boss early.

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