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The temperature of the air conditioner in the room was so high that it was as dry as a desert under the scorching sun, and Lin Juexiao's throat was as dry as if he hadn't drank water for several days.

    His fingers moved weakly, awakening Zhou Jinye, who was sleeping beside him. Zhou Jinye's eyes were slightly opened, the quilt was not tightly covering his body, and after sliding down, Zhou Jinye's clean back was exposed.


    Zhou Jinye shouted softly, with a different kind of sexy voice.

    The light in the room was dim and dim, Zhou Jinye stood up to look at Lin Juexiao, Lin Juexiao's brows wrinkled unconsciously, and answered him dazedly.

    Lin Juexiao's voice was hoarse, vaguely as if asking him to help pour the water.

    Zhou Jinye quickly lifted the quilt and ran barefoot to the living room. There was still some water in the thermos on the coffee table. Zhou Jinye poured some water to test the temperature before pouring the water into the glass and running towards the bedroom.

    He carefully helped Lin Juexiao up, and fed Lin Juexiao water with his own hand.

    Lin Juexiao's face didn't look good, and Zhou Jinye asked anxiously, "Brother... Are you okay?"

    Because of his lack of confidence, Zhou Jinye's voice was extraordinarily low.

    Lin Juexiao felt that it was difficult to describe the feeling of his whole body.

    He was a little angry, and his tone was uncontrollably cold: "What do you think?"

    The situation last night was too chaotic, and Lin Juexiao only had a few fragments of memory left.

    The first paragraph is that Zhou Jinye took out the condom/condom from the suitcase, and something he didn't know very well.

    In the second paragraph, his legs were lifted by Zhou Jinye, his waist was tightly grasped, joy and pain erupted together, like soft petals being gently crushed by fingers.

    In the end, what he remembered was Zhou Jinye's naked upper body, sweat dripping down quietly on his skin, and juvenile anger and hormones rubbed on him alone.

    Lin Juexiao's eyes were scattered, and he could feel Zhou Jinye's kiss on him, which was sticky and full of unparalleled love.

    Zhou Jinye was very guilty. He wanted to say something, but Lin Juexiao said with red ears: "Go and put on your pants."

    At this time, he suddenly reacted and picked up the pants on the ground in a panic and put them on. , he was wearing grey sweatpants yesterday, but now he's in a hurry, and the ruffled pants hang loosely around his waist.

    Zhou Jinye's upper body is still naked, and the light from the outside sees in. His proportions are naturally good, his shoulders are wide and his waist is narrow, and the scratches on his muscles that are just right are dazzling red.

    If Zhou Jinye took another cigarette in his mouth, the hindsight would be even stronger.

    Lin Juexiao couldn't bear to look directly, he raised his voice and shouted: "Go and put on your shirt!"

    Zhou Jinye hurriedly grabbed the short-sleeved bottoming on the ground and put it on his body. Lin Juexiao put it on his body and confirmed again in a low voice: "Are you okay?"

    "I watched it last night... I shouldn't have-"

    Before he finished speaking, Lin Juexiao roared red-faced: "You Don't go on!"

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