Chapter 21: Consequences for Agreste

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Marinette and the others were on their way back to school, as they entered the school Ms. Bustier and Principal Damocles were waiting for them in front of classroom.

"Ms. Dupain-Cheng, Ms. Couffaine please follow us to my office." Demanded Mr. Damocles.

As they entered his office he asked, "Do you know why you're here?"

"Is it because you have nothing else to do other than bother us?" Juleka answered not really caring.

"Watch it young lady or it's detention." He warned her.

Juleka just rolled her eyes, she scoffed, "Wouldn't be the first time."

Alya and Alix then came into the office not long after, they saw the other two girls and glared at them. They finally freed their hair though parts of it looked frizzy and some parts looked like it was chapped off.

Marinette saw their hair and commented, "Aw look Juls they finally got their hair out."

Juleka was snickering while taking pictures, she then sent it to Aurora and Mireillle telling them to post it on the school blog.

Mr. Damocles looked at Marinette and Juleka and asked, "Girls would you like to say something?"

Marinette shrugged, "I'm not going to even deny it. They started it they deserved it."

Mr. Damocles sighed, "Girls I'm sure it's all a misunderstanding. Marinette I'm sorry but I'm going to have to give you detention, you know that we have a strict no violence policy."

"Misunderstanding! Detention! If you're going to give her detention then you're going to have to them detention as well, they started it by ganging up on me and Marinette!" exclaimed Juleka.

"Now why would these sweet girls do that! Marinette ever since Lila came back all you've ever been to that girl is nothing but hostile!"

Ms. Bustier rolled her eyes at the principal's stupidity, honestly if he could fight back she would but due to some circumstances she couldn't.

"Mr. Damocles, I think this is a private issue, I'm sure that the girls are old enough to solve this on their own, and besides Juleka is right, only giving Marinette detention is a bit unfair don't you think?"

Mr. Damocles sighed, "Very well, Marinette you won't have detention but please watch your act, understand?"

Marinette gritted her teeth and answered, "Crystal."

As they were all about to leave Mr. Damocles called out, "Ah! Ms. Bustier could you please stay back for a moment?"

Ms. Bustier's face paled, cold sweat started to appear as she started trembling. Marinette took note of this and asked, "Mdm. is everything okay?"

Ms. Bustier gave her a stiff smile and nodded her head, "Yes, why don't you go back to class and I'll meet you there later, Marinette you're in charge."

As Marinette and Juleka left Juleka asked, "Is it me or was Ms. Bustier acting a bit strange?"

Marinette shook her head and answered, "No something's up and I have a bad feeling about it."

When they got back to class Chloe asked what happened and Marinette explained that Ms. Bustier managed to get them out of detention. Juleka then mentioned to them something about the school blog and Alya and Alix being in it.

When they opened the blog, they burst out laughing, Chloe made comments about their hair looking like a hedgehog's spikes. Throughout the day Alya and Alix became the laughingstock of the school.

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