Chapter 15 A Painful Past

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No one's POV

Currently within the Pokémon Center, everyone was sitting around, waiting for Nhazul and Greninja to be treated and after awhile, Nurse Joy walked out towards everyone.

Ash: Nurse Joy!

Syluvia: How are they?

Nurse Joy: They've both taken a lot of damage. But they'll be fine.

Syluvia: I see, thank you.

Nurse Joy: Of course.

Lana: Can we see them?

Nurse Joy: Not right now. They're both still unconscious and they need to continue resting.

Lana: I see...

Mallow: Don't worry, Lana, I'm sure they'll be up in no time.

Lana: Yeah...

Eevee and Latias just looked down at the door with saddened looks.

Eevee: Eevee....

Latias: Tias...

Pikachu, and the other Pokémon attempted to comfort Eevee and Latias, as Kiawe spoke up, looking at Syluvia.

Kiawe: Syluvia, why was Nhazul's dad so hard on him?

Mallow: It almost seemed like he hated him...

Syluvia: No. He doesn't hate him. He just hates what Nhazul is doing...

Ash: Inei doesn't want him to be a Pokémon trainer? But why?

Syluvia: It's... It's a very delicate and complicated situation...

Kukui: This is about Sonia, isn't it?

Syluvia just sighed before answering.

Syluvia: Yes...

Lana: Sonia?

Sophocles: Who is Sonia?

Syluvia all looked towards everyone, as they were determined to know.

Ash: We want to help Nhazul out.

Mallow: What this is about, it's troubling Nhazul, right?

Lillie: He's our friend. We'd like for him to confided in us.

Lana: Please won't you tell us?

Syluvia looked everyone and smiled.

Syluvia:, I guess he's made some good friends during his time here...

Syluvia:, I guess he's made some good friends during his time here

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Sonia... Sonia is Nhazul's older sister. And unfortunately she passed away when she was 17 years old...

Everyone other then Kukui looked at Syluvia shocked.

Sophocles: She passed away...?

Mallow: I'm so sorry...

Kiawe: My condolences...

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