Chapter 16 Realizations

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No one's POV

Currently, Nhazul was sitting on a ledge within the woods, as he had snuck off, wanting to be alone.

Nhazul: ...


Inei: Are you done?

Nhazul: Huh?

Inei: I'm asking if you're still attempting this foolish journey of yours.

Nhazul then looked at his dad annoyed.

Nhazul: Foolish...?

As the two stared at each other, confusing everyone, as Syluvia just sighed.

Syluvia: Do you think this can wait for where we can talk in private?

Inei just ignored Syluvia, still staring down Nhazul, narrowing his eyes.

Inei: Give up.

Nhazul: Shut up...

Inei: Give up. You don't have what it takes.

Nhazul: I do! I'm going to make it happen!

Inei: No, you won't. You're not strong enough to take on her goals. So give up an come home.


Nhazul: ...

Nhazul thought back towards his battle was his dad, and how much he lost his cool during the fight.


Inei: Is this all you can do? Is this all the power you've gained within these last 6 years?

Nhazul just looked at his dad annoyed.

Nhazul: Shut up...

Everyone looked over and saw Nhazul was becoming more visibly angered, as Syluvia just looked over at Inei.

Inei: I'll say it again. Give up and come home.

Nhazul: Shut up...!

Greninja looked back at Nhazul, as it turned it's attention back to Inei, narrowing it's eyes.

Inei: You will never make her dream a reality.

As Inei said that, Nhazul's eyes widened, as they began glowing, along with Greninja's.

Nhazul: I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!!!

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Nhazul: I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!!!


Nhazul's thoughts: I have to win... I have to prove I can do this... I have to... I have to win... I will win... I WILL MAKE HER DREAM A REALITY!!!!


Nhazul: ...

Nhazul's thoughts: What the hell have I been doing this whole time...?

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