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"He's a fucking madman, I'm telling you."

THE FOUR FRIENDS RUSHED down the stairs of the Wheeler household where the yells of Steve were coming from. Turning the corner to the kitchen, they saw Steve walking around in circles with his flashlight yelling for the Henderson boy.

"Du— Hello? Hel...Hello?" Steve yelled out into the air, now looking up making Fiona furrow her brows at the boy's behaviour. "What the fuck." She muttered.

"Maybe he really does have rabies." Robin suggested to her three friends, Fiona nodding her head towards the girl. "Yeah, what she said."

"Hello! Hello?" The Harrington boy continued yelling until Nancy spoke out to him "Steve, what are you doing?" Steve stopped his yelling and turned to face his friends, shining the bright light in their eyes as he did.

"Oh, Jesus Christ." Fiona groaned, turning her head away from the light which was blinding her eyes and putting her hand up in front of her face.

"He's here. Henderson. That little shit, he's here. He's like..." Steve began rambling quickly like a madman, finally moving the light away from their eyes. "He's in the walls or something. Just listen." Steve told the four, only for them to hear nothing, apart from Steve.

"Dustin! Dustin!" Steve began yelling for the boy again, going back to circling the place leaving the four standing there confused.

"He's a fucking madman, I'm telling you." Fiona told her friends as she watched the boy with wide eyes. "You're not wrong about that." Eddie agreed as he patted the girl on her shoulder.

"Dustin! Can you hear me?" The brunette boy yelled, a familiar voice now coming through to their ears.

"That brings us to the question you first raised."

"Did you guys hear that?" Robin asked her friends, them all nodding their heads slightly. "Maybe we're all going mad." Fiona suggested before her friends scrambled off to different parts of the kitchen and began looking for the boy.

Fiona bent down slowly and began crouching beside the table, "Dusty wusty, where are you?"She sang in a playful tone. "Boo!" She slightly yelled, now looking under the table only for it to be empty.

"Well, that's embarrassing." Fi muttered, now standing up from her crouch. "Dustin?" All the group yelled, looking in different places for the boy only for him to be nowhere in sight.

"All right, either this kid can't hear us or he's being a total douchebag." Steve sighed as he stopped circling and stood still. "Will found a way." Said Nancy, the group not understanding what she was talking about.

"What?" Fi asked, now turning her head to look at the Wheeler girl. "Will. He found a way to speak through Joyce through the lights." Nancy explained, quickly moving over to a lamp trying to turn it on only for it to refuse.

"Man, I miss Joyce." Fi mumbled under her breath, watching as Steve followed after the girl. "The switch. Try the switch." Steve told Nancy who now tried the light switch beside the lamp.

"It's not working." Nancy said, now aggressively turning on and off the switch. "Guys?" Steve spoke, causing all attention to go to the light which was shimmering. "You seeing this?"

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