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"how you feeling girl?" Tessa asked Jess

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"how you feeling girl?" Tessa asked Jess.

"how it look like i'm feeling?" Jess stale faced her.

"calm down she asked a question" Brionna said.

"i don't care it was dumb, especially since my mother just died I think i'm gone move outta town for a few months" Jess said.

"girl don't try to do that cause Murda babymama did" Taylin laughed.

"girl you just made nobody fuck with you, I ain't tryna be like nobody"

"yeah ok she did that now you is. don't be like her be better then her" Taylin rolled her eyes.

"calm down, did they tell how she died?"

" they said it was a suicide because the way she was shot in the head was like she did it" Jess said.

"what would make her kill herself?" Tessa asked.

"she was a bitch nobody liked that lady" Brionna snickered.

Jess reached over to hit her in the mouth but she moved her head.

"just bc she died don't mean I won't beat you up calm down"

"you disrespected my mama you lucky I don't smack you right now" Jess stood up.

"if you was gone slap me you would've been and did it"

Jess shook her head and sat down.

"y'all acting inconsiderate like my mama didn't just die"

"girl it was her damn karma your mother literally did messed up stuff to everybody" Taylin told her.

"she didn't it wasn't no damn karma involved"

"it was though and you know that, you acting like you so hurt about her death like you wasn't wishing death on her and trying so hard to move out her house" Taylin looked off.

Brionna and Tessa looked at Jess waiting for her to say something.

"that's different my feelings could've changed" Jess shrugged.

"mhm that ain't it, bye" Taylin laughed.

"anyways... have you heard from Murda?" Brionna asked.

she was still stuck on Murda and he wasn't worried about her.

"nah he don't even seem to care" Jess chuckled bitterly.

"he probably does when we were together he had a hard time showing his feelings" Brionna sighed.

"here she go" Jess mumbled.

"wym?" Brionna eyed her.

"girl this ain't got nothing to do about y'all being together we don't care!" Taylin told her.

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