Chapter 24 • Savior

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

"Come here and face me you fucking cunts!" I yelled at the assholes as my voice boomed through the empty dark room, I have no idea where Maddy is and I don't even know where the fuck I am too.

My hands are cuffed onto the wall above my head, far up that my arms started aching and my bare feet barely connect with the cold floor.

I have been yelling and tugging these stupid cuffs but they weren't budging, "Stop being a bunch of pussies and c-" The voice of the room door being opened made me stop and snap my head towards the door.

My jaw ticked when I saw Sebastian's father whose name is Gabriel and Roberto with Madeline behind them, but she was tied up into a chair as two men carried her and placed her a couple of feet away from me.

The two men exited the room leaving me with the two bastards, Madeline had tape on her mouth stopping her cries from being heard as her hands and legs were tied up into the wood chair.

"Let her go! She has nothing to do with this you sick fuckers!" I yelled at them but all they did is chuckle, "Oh but she has everything to do with this, she is your weakness" Roberto stated before leaning against the wall.

I grind my teeth in anger as my hands curled into fists when Gabriel twirled a strand of Madeline's blond hair between his fingers as she started shaking and the sound of her muffled sobbing made my heart shatter into pieces.

"We told you, leave my son and don't see him again, or she dies, and then you, of course," Gabriel smirked tugging Maddy's hair behind her ear.

"I would never leave him, forget it assholes" I grit as my eyes filled with rage, they both shrugged before Roberto called someone through his phone.

"Come here" that's all he said before ending the call, "You have to be proud that you will get tortured by The Night Sniper Rosa" Gabriel smirked as he leaned against the wall next to Roberto.

"Too bad, we wanted Morana, but thanks to your brother she died" Gabriel stated, "But her sister will do" Roberto sighed, unsatisfied.

I was about to talk when the door burst open revealing a woman with a mask on her face, the only thing I could see is her blue eyes and I knew she was a woman because of her curvy body that was hugged by the tight black suit.

"You better do a good job, or I will tell Marcel to deal with you" Gabriel raised an eyebrow at the woman who took a gun out of her waistband and started walking toward me and Maddy.

"Get your asses out of here and let me do my job" The woman rolled her eyes at them and they did the same before exiting the room.

The woman walked slowly towards me before she glanced at Madeline who was shutting her eyes and shaking, she grabbed a needle from her pocket and stung it on Maddy's neck.

"Hey! Don't d-" She cut me off, "-I'm just making her unconscious, she suffered enough okay? Stop being dramatic" She groans as if she's annoyed to be here as well.

Madeline is now unconscious and the woman walked towards me before she stood in front of me, she stared at my eyes and I stared at hers to see they were cold and empty, I couldn't read them, "You want to get out of this, don't you?" She asked and I nodded my head as my eyebrows frowned at her next words, "Good, then you will do as I say and I will get you two out of here"

I immediately nodded my head without a second thought, "Anything" I state and she crossed her arms, "The moment you are back with your lovely family...well more with your lovely brother-" She pushed my hair out of my face with the tip of her gun before she tilted her head and looked at me.

"-You will tell him that he did a big mistake-" She chuckled before returning her gun into her waistband, "-And that he should be a little bit less arrogant" Oh tell me about it.

"That's if you found him alive, of course," My eyes widened at her words as I gulped the lump in my throat but I didn't dare to say a word, I just wanted me and my daughter to get out of here.

She didn't say anything else as she walked towards the corner of the room and brought a bag, she stood in front of me and took some makeup out of the bag, I was about to question her but I stayed shut when she glared at me.

She started doing some makeup on my forehead and I was hella confused until I understood that she was going to make a fake bullet hole in the middle of my forehead, "What if they fou-" She cut me off, "You talk too much" She muttered and continued doing whatever she was doing to my forehead.

When she was done with me she did the same to Madeline, I was shocked because when I saw her work on Maddy she was so good with makeup, if I didn't see her putting makeup on her right now I would be crying thinking she is dead.

And when she finished she grabbed another needle from her pocket and walked towards me, my eyes widened as I shuttered, "H-hey, what a-are you going to do?"

"I can't really trust your acting skills Ms.King" She rolled her eyes and stung my neck with the needle, and again, I welcome the darkness...

If I got out of her with Madeline I will Owen this woman my life...


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