Hero of the People

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Please don't murder me for being so late with this update!

I just finished my first year of college, then I started working, then I went on a week's vacation, and then it was right back to work! But I really like my new job, and it's going to help me so much in the future. 

Thank you all for being so patient with me as a try and figure out this new job and my ever-changing schedule. I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Ed's POV

"Winry," I whined, thumping my head against the wall behind me. I mentally cursed myself for the very poor decision as I reached back to rub the now sore spot on the back of my head. "But I really really don't want to," I stressed. The blonde beauty didn't look up from where she was laying my various ribbons and medals across my classroom desk.

"And I really really don't care, Edward," Winry deadpanned. "Plus," she added, "I'll write to Mustang and tell him you refused to follow protocol, Mr. "I forgot to send in my resignation papers,'" she said, sending a pointed look in my direction.

"Protocol my ass," I mumbled under my breath, shoving my hands in my pockets and scuffing the toe of my boots on the floor. "And it's not like I purposely didn't turn the papers in; I was too busy getting Al back on his feet," I reminded the girl.

"Ed," Winry said, sounding nothing short of exasperated. "Whether you like it or not, you are still a State Alchemist of the military, and therefore need to follow protocol, even if there are no superiors present," she reminded me, and I knew she was right. I just didn't want all of those medals all over my uniform making me sound like a string of jingle bells. Truth, the uniform was going to raise enough questions as it was.

"Fine," I groaned and wandered over to Winry where she was sitting at my desk. I hopped up to sit on my desk, facing the woman I loved so dearly. "Winry," I muttered, causing the girl to look up at me. Her blue eyes were wide in expectation.

Without a word, I placed my thumb on her chin, my index finger nudging her head up before I leaned down to press a kiss to her lips. I felt her sigh against my lips as she pressed herself closer to me, reaching up to place her hands on my knees. Far too soon, she pulled away, but it wasn't by much. I was still close enough to see the ocean green flecks in her eyes and that dark blue ring around her iris. Truth, she was beautiful. And holy shit was I a lucky man.

"If you think this is going to get you out of wearing your awards you are very wrong, Mr. Elric," Winry whispered, her breath ghosting over my lips as she spoke. One of her eyebrows was raised as she looked up at me, not at all fooled by my attempt at distraction. I rolled my eyes as the corners of my lips quirked up into a smirk.

"Worth a shot," I said with a shrug before kissing her again. She giggled against my lips before pushing me back by the chest. I pouted at her until she sighed and rolled her eyes before she pressed one more peck to my lips.

"So, I was doing some reading through this paperwork that Mustang sent with your uniform and awards," Winry began as she grabbed the thick packet of paper that had also been in the bottom of the box my uniform had arrived in. "It has all of the awards in it and how you earn them. And you, sir," she said, sparing a glance in my direction before turning to the first page of the packet," have earned quite a number of these." Still sitting on the desk, I scooted forward to peer over Winry's shoulder so I could read through the packet with her.

"I was also doing some reading that besides formal ceremonies like receiving another award, you don't have to wear all of the medals; there are corresponding ribbons to wear in place of the medals," she explained as she gestured to the medals which did indeed have a ribbon sitting next to eat and every one of them.

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