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"Tobias can we talk?" Te'lani asked him

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"Tobias can we talk?" Te'lani asked him.

he put the controller down and nodded .

"bout wha?" he questioned.

"us..." she trialed off.

"what about us"

"like what are we , we having sex and basically live together so what are we?" she asked.

"what you wanna be?" he asked.

he wanted to be with her but if she didn't feel the same he wasn't gone force her too.

so he never brought it up.

"together" she straight faced him.

he nodded "ok"

"ok then" she shrugged sitting down next to him.

"what you wanna do for Tru party? it's coming up" He asked.

"maybe something small" She shrugged.

"i'll figure something out for him he need to start walking" Tobias rubbed his waves.

"he trying to stand though" Te'lani said as he crawled into the room.

"so y'all call y'all self going together now?" Ju asked Te'lani and Murda.

"boy sit down" Cece said pulling him down next to her.

"damn when can we meet your gf?" Cece asked Wes.

"never" he shrugged.

"you're out the group" Rod looked at him.

"funky ass group" Wes mumbled.

Tobias laid his head on Te'lani chest and started rubbing her stomach.

"why do you keep rubbing my stomach?" she asked.

he didn't say nothing but he stopped rubbing her stomach and looked at Ju.

Ju looked at him and started laughing.

"Tobias" she cut her eyes at him.

"I'm not doing nothing" he said raising his eyebrows.

"so what's funny?"

"nothing" he said.

Te'lani nodded and felt him put his hand on her stomach again.

"damn did you get her pregnant?" Cece asked.

Murda didn't say nothing and she leaned up.

"stop touching my damn stomach before i pop you" Te'lani mugged him.

Tru started crying and Te'lani went to go get him.

she hoped she wasn't pregnant.

Tru was finna be one and she couldn't handle two babies.

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