Chapter 19 Partner Trade

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No one's POV

Currently within the Pokémon school, everyone was in the middle of watching the Pokémon have a race around the classroom, ending with Eevee and Pikachu tieing.

Kiawe: It's a tie!

Nhazul: Nice work, Eevee.

Latias: Tias!

Ash: Awesome, Pikachu!

Mallow: Good job.

Lana: You did your best.

Sophocles: Aw, I thought we'd win for sure today.

Kiawe: Pikachu and Eevee are pretty much even when it comes to speed.

Suddenly, Kukui walked into the room, getting everyone's attention.

Kukui: Hi, guys. It seems you perfected how to play nice.

Ash: Oh, Professor.

Everyone: Alola!

Kukui: Alola. Alright, then. I'll have you all trade your partner Pokémon.

Everyone looked at Kukui for a few seconds, before processing what he just said.

Everyone: EHHHH?!?!

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Everyone: EHHHH?!?!

Mallow: What do you mean by "Trade our Partner"?

Kukui: Sorry, sorry. That's not what I meant. I meant having you temporarily trade with each other. I'd like you to learn about Pokémon besides your partners. And the best kind is lesson for that involves trying to live with one.

Nhazul: I see.

Ash: That sounds fun!

Sophocles: I've been wanting to obtain data on Pokémon besides Electric Types.

Lana: I feel kinda anxious... about being separated from Popplio.

Lillie: I do believe this will be an excellent opportunity for us, however. I will need to become able to touch Pokémon besides Snowball.

Kiawe: Well, let's give it a try.

Mallow: Have you decided who's gonna trade partners with who?

Kukui pulled out a cup of sticks.

Kukui: We'll decided with using these. There are pairs of sticks with the same color in here, and three with two different colors. Since there's an uneven number, someone will have two.

Upon drawing sticks, Lana and Kiawe would trade, Mallow and Sophocles would trade, and Nhazul would trade with both Lillie and Ash. Ash will be taking Latias, while Lillie took Eevee.

Nhazul: I guess it's the three of us.

Lillie: Please bear with me, Eevee.

Eevee: Vee!

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