Chapter 25 • Too Drunk

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

I lost count of how much vodka I drink, my body feels numb after the stress I had been through for the past weeks, and I feel like my life is becoming like a fucking hell without my girls in my arms.

Ares is somewhere in his warehouses and I am here in my office drinking to stop this pain, the pain in my mind and body is slowly killing me, and it won't stop until I get drunk or kill someone.

I became a monster to everyone, I didn't see my mother nor do I have the time to deal with her, I heard Alejandro is dealing with her while I find Rosa and Maddy.

The only thing I found out is that they are not in Italy, because no signs nor threats are coming to us, the thing I'm sure about is that when I get these two I will give them something with a tracker, I can't let this happen to me again, I can't let anyone take my heart and soul again.

Without me knowing, the glass that was between my fingers fell on the floor and shattered into pieces, my head lowers down in my hands as I fisted my hair tightly.

I got up from my seat and looked at myself in the mirror, my eyes are bloodshot and sweat covered my face and neck, I could feel my hand shivering and shaking from how much I had been drinking.

I could care less about my health right now, all I want is to find them and lock them in a fucking room to keep them safe, I just hope that no one did anything to them, they both suffered too much.

I wasn't controlling myself when my fist connected with the mirror making it break, some glass dug into my knuckles but my body wasn't even in pain.

The alcohol is taking over me slowly and I drop on my couch closing my eyes, but I snapped them back open when my office door slams open.

"What the hell happened in here?" My vision was blurry but I knew it was Ares from his voice, I spend so much time with him while searching for Rosa and Maddy so I immediately recognized his voice.

I place my head back against the couch, feeling my body becoming numb and helpless, "Seb, hey open your eyes, we found them. Get up"

I was too drunk to even realize or believe what he said, darkness took over me and I finally felt rest, away from my thought and pain.

I must admit, I am aware that I'm weak when it comes to Rosa and Madeline, I just can't change it.

Rosa King

I opened my eyes at the feeling of Madeline hugging me as she slept, I had been awake for a few minutes now and I scanned the room we are in to see it was a pretty room with a view of a forest through the huge glass windows.

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