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SATURDAY, JUNE 8TH, 2024: 8:15 A.M

"Boopie, stop pouting." I said, stepping inside of the shower with him.

"No, because why they here? I wanted to run errands then walk around ass naked in my new house with my fiancé." He said, pulling me in front of him.

"Babe, they probably wanted to stop by. You can't be mean to our friends well scratch that our little family because, who's gonna watch our kids when we're busy at work? You know how I feel about getting nannies and babysitters." I said, then he nodded.

"I also understand where you coming from as well and I'll have a talk with them too. You want our own privacy and for us to enjoy our home ourselves first, and I will definitely voice that at breakfast today." I followed up, then he rested his head on my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

"You're the best, thank you for understanding and letting me know. I love you, Babydoll." He said, causing me to smile greatly.

"I love you too, Boopie." I said, leaning back in his arms.


"Alright, guys. We have to set some boundaries with our new space, and I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way. Me and Boopie would like to enjoy our privacy and time alone now that we moved from Texas. When we were in Texas we felt coddled, and we like for our time in Arizona to be different. From now on, please no showing up unannounced unless it's for emergencies." I said while looking around the dining room table.

"Understood, and we didn't take it the wrong way at all. Well personally I didn't because y'all are newly engaged and want to enjoy y'all new space together." Majesty said, smiling big.

"Yea, we understand babes." India said, cheesing.

"Man, y'all know Shantel ass can't cook. Where imma eat at- ouch bae I was just playing." Carlos said, rubbing the back of his head while everybody laughing.

"Stop playing with me Carlos, before you be eating noddles all week." She said, mugging him.

"Me personally.." Tribe started, then I looked at him.

"Ahh, yo scary ass." Durk said, laughing.

"You damn right. I ain't in the hood no mo ion eat noodles bitch." Tribe said, causing everybody to laugh.

"Shit, ian in the hood either but I still be fucking them up time to time with some shrimp." Mike said, wrapping his arm around Tommy.

"Because Tommy ass can't cook the fuck." Zion said, causing everybody to laugh.

"Not too much on me because I can throw down, ask yo daddy." Tommy said, causing the whole room to go quiet and look at Zion then they busted out laughing but Carlos, Tribe, and Durk dumbass started running around while laughing.

"Aye, man. Zion ion wanna hear shit from you for the rest of the day Tommy said ask yo pappy!" Carlos said, while laughing.

"Maaaannnn, personally I would never let anyone say that about my pops." Tribe said, while laughing then he came and sat back down.

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