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"Oh, shit."

"THIS FUCKING SUCKS." Fiona yelled who was currently on the back of Eddie's bike. Fi was unfortunate and lost the game of rock, paper, scissors which determined who the unlucky one was who had to stand on the back of someone's bike.

"What, am I that bad?" Eddie asked with a chuckle as he lead the way to his trailer. "Oh yeah, you're the worst." Fiona told him jokingly with a scoff.

"Damn, Fi, that one really hurt." Eddie told the girl with a small chuckle, slightly turning his head back. "Oh, I am so, so, ever so sorry." The Harrington girl responded with a smirk as she tightened her arms around his waist and leaned her head on his.

The bike ride was surprisingly short and after a few minutes, they pulled up to the trailer park. "Right here." Eddie directed the other three who were following close behind.

The Munson boy slowed down and let the girl hop off before getting off the bike himself and throwing it down onto the ground. The others did the same and began walking to the trailer.

"That's gotta be Guinness World Record. Most miles traveled interdimensionally." Robin told her friends, turning to face them as she did. "I don't think there's even a record for that." Fi told the blonde woman who slightly nodded.

The five made it to the trailer door which Eddie immediately opened before making his way in as everyone followed closely behind.

Almost directly above them, there was a red patch that looked exactly like the gate that they had seen whilst in the water. "Goddamn." Steve said, shining his flashlight onto the red patch before turning it off.

"This is where Chrissy died." Eddie informed his friends, not looking away from the patch of redness that sat above them. "Like, right where she died."

"I hate this." Fiona whispered to Eddie who quickly grabbed her hand comfortingly before looking back and sending her a small smile. "We'll be okay."

"I think there's something in there." Robin told the four, moving closer to get a better look at the redness, which now looked like it was moving. "If there is, just to let you all know, I'm outta here." Fiona said nervously.

"What the hell is that?" Eddie questioned nobody in particular as the redness began moving again.

It was quiet for a second until suddenly the patch had opened up causing the whole group to scream and flinch back and making Fiona move closer to the door.

"What the fuck!" Fiona yelled, watching something poke through the now opened up, what Fiona assumed, gate.

The group was now breathing heavily, and all stared at the gate which no longer had the thing poking through it.

"Who wants to go first?" Fiona asked nervously, nodding her head towards the thing above them making Steve sigh before creeping towards it.

"I didn't actually mean it." Fiona mumbled as the others began following slowly after the Harrington boy.

Looking up, they saw some familiar faces looking back at them. "No way." Steve spoke, now moving closer to the patch faster than before.

Fiona then looked up, now seeing Dustin, Erica, Lucas and Max with huge grins on their faces. The sound of Dustin's laugh could be heard making Fiona smile and wave to the three who started waving back.

"Hi there." Dustin said to them cheerfully, earning 'hi's' from the five who were looking at them astonished.

"This is so cool." Fiona laughed, scratching the back of her head. "Holy shit, this is trippy." Robin told them with a grin.

"Bada-bada-boom!" Dustin exclaimed loudly as the laughter had finally cooled down. "Okay, so, uh, hi."

"Listen, we have a way of getting you outta there, alright? Just stay put." Dustin instructed the five who all turned to look at each other oddly.

"Not like we would go anywhere anyways." The dark-haired girl slightly shrugged as a stained mattress was shortly put down above them by Lucas and Max.

"Is that... your mattress?" Fiona hesitantly asked the Munson boy as she slowly turned to face him who was already looking at her dumbfounded.

"Those stains are, uh..." The boy trailed off, scratching the back of his head trying to come up with something to say. "I don't know what those stains are." He finally said making Fiona look at him wearily.

"Yeah, okay. Looks like—" Eddie quickly placed his hand over Fiona's mouth, cutting off her sentence. "What the fuck." Eddie exclaimed, quickly moving his hand away from her mouth and wiping it on his clothes.

"Did you just lick me?" The Munson boy asked in disbelief as she just stared at him. "Are those naughty stains on your mattress?" Fiona questioned making him go quiet.

"Not quite sure how these physics work." Dustin spoke, now coming into view of the others and holding onto a rope which was made out of bed sheets. "But, uh... here goes nothing." The Henderson boy threw the fabric rope in their direction, making it tumble down in front of them as the other half stayed in his hands.

"And if my theory is correct..." The boy trailed off, now letting go of the fabric which stayed on the other side. "Abracadabra."

"All right, pull on it! See if it works!" Dustin yelled to them, making Robin grab ahold of the rope in front of them and pull it down only for it to stay in its place.

Fiona slightly chuckled and slightly jumped up and down making Eddie smile.

"Guess I'm the guinea pig." Robin told them, now getting ready to climb up the knotted fabric. The girl grunted as she made her way up and through the portal before falling down on the mattress.

"Ladies first." Eddie gestured to Fiona once Robin was clear of the landing spot before smiling at the boy and giving him a small curtsy.

Fiona slowly made her way to the fabric with a sigh before Eddie rushed over to her and placed a small kiss on her cheek. "Just in case." Eddie smiled at the girl who gave a huge grin back.

"Maybe if you're lucky you'll get one back." Fiona told the boy before turning back to the fabric and placing her hands on and lifting herself up.

"Jesus Christ." Fiona muttered, grunting as she slowly made her way up before turning upside down. "Woah!" The girl yelled before crashing down onto the mattress with a laugh.

"This shit is so fun." The Harrington girl spoke excitedly, quickly making her way off the mattress and standing beside Robin.

Fiona watched as Nancy, Steve and Eddie all just stood there, waiting for someone to go. A few seconds later, Eddie shrugged and took a step forwards and climbed up the handmade rope before soon falling down onto the other side.

"That was fun." Eddie told them, quickly sitting up from the mattress as Fiona held out her hand for the boy to take before quickly giving him a small peck on the cheek. "Guess you were lucky." She shrugged making him grin. "Guess I was."

"Who's next!" Fiona yelled at the two who were left over. Nancy walked over only to stop in her place leaving the others confused.

"Nancy?" They heard Steve call out to the girl who didn't move or respond. Steve now stood in front of the girl and began snapping his fingers in her face but got no response.

After a few seconds, Fiona caught on to what was happening to the girl and with a gasp, she spoke.

"Oh, shit."

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