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 Taymor Pov Long Beach, CaliforniaNext Day, Wednesday8:59 Am, School 📍

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Taymor Pov
Long Beach, California
Next Day, Wednesday
8:59 Am, School 📍


Taymor was hanging with Nick and Megan in the hallways when they saw Bryson walking up to them, "Taymor can I talk to you... Alone?" Bryson asked, playing with his shirt.

"No but you can talk to me right here" Taymor replied, before sending Kentrell a text telling him that Bryson was over here.

"Nah, it's personal" Bryson lied, just wanting to get Taymor alone.

"Boy get yo dirty ass on, he don't wanna talk to you" Nick spoke up, getting annoyed with Bryson.

"This ain't got shit to do with you Nick so shut the fuck up" Bryson rolled his eyes, turning his attention back to Taymor.

"It does, you tryna talk to him like you ain't hit him and shit" Nick snapped, moving Taymor back as Bryson got close.

"Bryson take yo ass on somewhere he don't want you" Megan said.

"Don't make me call up his boyfriends so they can beat yo punk ass" Nick spat, pulling out his phone.

"Boyfriends? You got over me that quick? We ain't even break up" Bryson spoke getting upset with the news he heard.

"Bryson nobody get time for yo shit, leave me alon-"

"Move yo goofy ass on" Kentrell yelled, walking to the group of 4.

"He thought I was playing" Nick mumbled, putting his phone back in his pocket, crossing his arms like someone mother waiting for their kid to come in the house.

"Punk ass nigga what you here for?" Kentrell asked, looking Bryson up and down.

"I don't gotta explain shit to you, who the fuck you thing you is?" Bryson spat, furrowing his eyebrow together.

"The nigga who about to rock yo shit in a minute, Keep playing with me" Kentrell said, getting in Bryson face.

"Nobody scared of yo ass. Trying so hard to protect his hoe ass when he playing you" Bryson laughed backing up, then wiping his nose, "Ask his ass where he was a week ago" Bryson lied, trying to gain attention.

Kentrell started to find, what Bryson was saying suspicious because Taymor wasn't with them a week ago, "Where was you at?".

"I was at the mall with Nick and em, I ain't got none to hide, plus I got proof" Taymor told him truthfully, pulling out his phone scrolling through his gallery till he found a video with the date on it with him and Nick in the mall twerking on a mannequin.

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