𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛᴡᴇʟᴠᴇ𓅓

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If you ever meet the soul of Neith, you are going to slap her.

Not only did she hit it off with a king who uses dark magic.

But she had a side lover called Narmer.

Yes, Narmer, the handsome boy you had a dream about, is the one on your bed right now, flirting with you.

"You look as beautiful as always, I believe that every day you grow prettier and more feminine than the day before"

More feminine?

Nevertheless, his words applied a flattering effect on you.

Neith is horrible for cheating on someone like Narmer.

"You did great today, but you should not have participated"

Narmer lay his head on your lap as you speak to him.

This shocked you, but it's a pleasant experience for you.

You also feel like you want him to hold you in his embrace and tell you sweet words all night.

"And let some other men become your husband, never" you gulp.

"No one will be able to win, even you, all the tasks will be impossible" you point out.

Narmer chuckles, as he grabs your hand and places it on his chest.

"Did you forget that I have been in the army, I want to war at thirteen" you sigh.

"The Babylon king uses dark magic" you warn home causing Narmer to roll his eyes.

"Even if he wins, he won't get to marry you, believe me," your eyes widen.

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you honestly think that the Egyptian people will approve for you, the heiress to marry a foreigner?"

He is right, ancient Egyptian people are against the idea of marrying foreigners, especially royalties.

And even if the pharaoh marries a foreign princess, she is always considered a less important consort in comparison to a pure-blooded Egyptian queen.

That's kind of racist, but this is how things were back then.

So, if a male pharaoh is allowed to marry many women.

But a female pharaoh can only have one consort, and that consort can't be anything except an Egyptian.

This assures your doubts about your father doing the whole thing to get rid of Nazir.

"Listen, just leave the competition, it is not worth losing you," you say.

"Oh, I see, you are worried about me" Narmer sits up and faces you with a charming smile.

"I'm not kidding, this is not a game"

His green eyes stare playfully at you while you pout at him for not being taken seriously.

"I know, marrying you is not a game, it is an achievement"

Before you could speak up, a voice cuts the two of you.

"Hopefully, I'm not interrupting anything"

You look at your chamber's doors to see Nazir standing there.

"So, this is the reason why you wanted to end our relationship, to be with another man?"

Narmer frowns at Nazir, before turning his now sharp gaze towards you.

"Explain, now"

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