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"Yeah, let's rewind back to what happened the last time we were in there."

"NANCY?" YELLED STEVE. The Wheeler girl was stuck in her trance and as far as Fiona was aware, it would take a while for the girl to get out.

"Hey, Nancy? Can you hear us?" Fiona yelled up towards the gate, her hands going around her mouth which allowed her voice to project louder. "Shit." Fiona sighed, putting her hand against her head as she didn't get a response.

Eddie grabbed the girl's hand comfortingly and squeezed it tight knowing that Fiona was panicking a lot.

Fi slightly jumped at the sound of a loud gasp, which made her look up yet again to see the Wheeler girl finally out and now lying on the ground in Steve's arms.

Everyone in the group, including Nancy and Steve, had moved locations to Max's house which only sat across from the Munson boy's trailer.

Fi sat on the floor against the wall and her legs up to her chest as everyone listened to what Nancy had to say. "He showed me things that haven't happened yet." Nancy spoke slowly with her hoarse voice, not making any eye contact with anyone as she did.

"The most awful things. I saw a dark cloud spreading over Hawkins." Nancy told them, her eyes roaming the areas where no one sat at. "Downtown on fire. Dead soldiers. And this...giant creature with a gaping mouth."

"And this creature wasn't alone. There was so many monsters. An army. And they were coming into Hawkins. Into our neighbourhoods. Our homes. And then...he showed me my mom. And Holly. Mike. And they were all..." Nancy trailed off, her eyes started leaking and her voice began cracking which made Fiona and the others understand what she meant.

"This is so not good." Fi mumbled, slamming her head onto her knees with a slight groan.

"Okay, but he's just trying to scare you, Nance." Steve reassured the Wheeler who looked like she was about to break down any second. "Right? I mean...I mean it's not real."

"It probably will be though, won't it?" Fiona asked Nancy with a slight look of panic in her eyes making Nancy nod slowly.

"But there...there was something else." The brunette Wheeler informed the group, making them all look at her oddly. "He showed me gates. Four gates. Spreading across Hawkins. And these gates, they looked like the ones outside Eddie's trailer, but they didn't stop growing. And this wasn't the Upside Down Hawkins." The girl shook her head before releasing a big sigh.

"This was our Hawkins. Our home."

"Four chimes." Max blurted out, all eyes moving towards the redhead who stood against the wall. "Vecna's clock. It always chimes four times. Four exactly."

"I heard them too." Nancy slightly whispered to the Mayfield girl. "This is fucked up." Fiona banged her head against the wall as she let her legs drop down onto the floor.

"He's been telling us his plan this whole time." Max concluded making Fiona slightly chuckle. "Well, he's one smart fucker, isn't he?"

"You can say that again." Eddie mumbled, as he looked over to the girl who was now biting her lip.

"Four kills. Four gates." Lucas scratched the back of his head slightly as he spoke. "The end of the world."

"If that's true..." Dustin trailed off, looking at all the mix of panicked, scared and shocked expressions. "He's only one kill away."

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