Chapter 23 Trials and Determinations

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No one's POV

Currently, outside the Pokémon Center, in the battlefield, Nhazul and Ash were getting ready for their Grand Trial, as Ash was practicing his Grass Z Move he had received 2 days prior.

Ash: Let's go, Rowlet!

Both Ash and Rowlet did the pose for the Grass Z Move, but it didn't work, confusing him.

Ash: Huh? It didn't work?

Nhazul: Ash...

Mallow: You're doing it wrong! Sheesh, I spent so much time yesterday teaching this to you!

Serena: Ash, you have your arms too lowered, keep them raised as if you're making a Y.

Ash: Hmm, Hmm. I see.

Rotom Dex: Your level of agreement with the provided example is 53 percent.

Ash: Ugh...

Kukui: You Focus Energy as much as you need to, though.

Kukui then looked over at Nhazul.

Kukui: What about you, Nhazul? Have you gotten used to the Water Type Z Move?

Nhazul: Yeah, I've been practicing with Lana and I think I've got it done pack.

Lana looked down saddened.

Lana: I'm still having a bit of trouble with mine...

Nhazul looked at Lana, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Nhazul: Don't beat yourself up about it. I've been practicing with Z Moves for awhile, it's your first time. You'll get it down.

Lana looked at Nhazul blushing slightly and smiled.

Lana: Thanks.

As Lana blushed, Serena had a bit of a pouting jealous look on her face , as Sophocles spoke up.

Sophocles: Ash, Nhazul! You sure you'll both be alright in the Grand Trial?

Ash: I'll be fine.

Nhazul: We got this.

Kiawe: Don't underestimate Olivia. She's the strongest Trainer on this island for a reason.

Nhazul: Don't worry, I won't.

Lillie: This will be my first time in my life that I watched a Grand Trial. I am very much looking forward to it.

Lana: Same here.


After finishing up their last minute training, everyone began to make their way over to where the Grand Trial would be held, which were the Ruins of Life, with Nhazul going first.

Rotom Dex: Let me handle the video recording.

Olivia then proceeded to walk out, standing opposite to Nhazul on the battlefield.

Olivia: Ah, so you're up first, Nhazul.

Nhazul: Please bear with me.

Olivia: We will now hold the first of two of the  Island Challenge that is the Grand Trial. O nurturer of Akala that is Wela Volcano! O God of life... that is Tapu Lele! Watch over me and this young Island Challenger... and grant us your strength!

Mallow: Olivia is so cool!

Lana: She's like a completely different person...

Olivia: Well, you ready?

Lana: Oh, that's the Olivia I know.

Serena: Yeah... It really cuts the tension when she shifts from being serious to care free like that...

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