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a few months later

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a few months later ..

Te'lani and Murda 1 year anniversary.

"that little ass ring" Ju smacked Te'lani hand.

"you mad?" she laughed.

"girl maddd? never" he waved her off.

"where my promise ring bitch?" Cece asked holding their daughter Skylar.

"you holding it" Ju said grabbing Skylar.

Cece had a safe delivery a month ago and ever since she had been focusing on Skylar.

she was glad she was a mother and Te'lani was glad she had a god daughter.

"where Tru?" Cece asked.

"he went with Rod and Wes somewhere" Te'lani said.

"he swear they his favorite but I know the real" Ju nodded.

"you don't though" Cece laughed knowing Tru couldn't stand him.

"in my defense he was walking when I was swinging"

"now my baby can't stand you"

"I don't care I got my daughter" Ju said as she whined.

"wya?" Te'lani asked Murda.

he woke up early in the morning and made her breakfast and gave her a promise ring.

"doing something i'll be home later" he told her.

"i have seen you since this morning though" she frowned.

"i know , I got stuff to do i'll be back later I love you" he hung up.

"bitch" she mumbled putting her phone on the bed.



"Ma!" Tru yelled repeatedly.

"boy hush!" She said walking out the room.

he held his arms up to her and she grabbed him.

"why you yelling?"

"food" he mumbled pointing to the kitchen.

she sat him in his seat and started making him something to eat.

"hmm" she handed him the phone.

he started clicking random stuff and called Ju.


Tru looked in the phone and saw who it was.

"bish" he barely said.

"Tru?" Ju asked looking in the phone.

"BISH" he yelled louder.

"who you talking too?" Te'lani looked at him.

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