Ch.17: Mr. Hyde.

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Song: bury a friend - Billie Eilish.

The entrance from the vent falls down and a couple of infected doctors fall from there. Slowly standing up, they rush towards them, when 703 uses the fire extinguisher with them, they dodge it and run towards him. Widening his eyes, 703 acts without thinking and throws the fire extinguisher to one of them and grips the axe ready to cut the head of the other. (Y/n) looks up at him.

"703, wait!"

It was late, he already cut the head of the infected doctor and its blood splashed on the face of 703.

"Fuck" she walks beside him and checks his face "Are you okay? Did it enter into your mouth?"

"No... but it got into my eye, just a little..." he opens his eyes looking at her seeing a hint of worry on her eyes "Is everything okay?"

"C-Come here..." she grabs his hand and walks towards the table sitting him, she walks towards the cabinets and starts searching "They should have it... it must be somewhere" she mutters to herself looking for an eye-cleaner.

"(Y/n), what are you-?" he groans and holds his head.

(Y/n) grabs a small bottle and runs next to him but before she gets closer look of his face, he pushes her away.

"Run!" he falls on his knees while holding his head.

"What? No, I'm not leaving you, let me-"

"It's telling me to kill you, run!" he screams out.


He screams in pain one last time before standing completely still for a couple of seconds. 703 stands up and looks at her, his eyes were completely black... like the other infected by the fungus.

"...Hunter?" she mutters out.

He growls lowly and she turns towards the door exiting the room. She didn't look back, but she could hear him chasing after her, she turned on the halls randomly, afraid that she would end up in a dead end.


She stops on her tracks when she hears a soft voice on the halls.

"Left, quickly, he is close"

She shakes her head and against her best judgment, she decides to follow the instructions.


She couldn't help but wonder if the voice was inside her head and she was going insane or she was just infected and she didn't know it.

"Run to the door to the end of the hall... you will be safe in there"

(Y/n) complies and pushes the door open entering into a dark room, she takes out her flashlight while running but before she could turn it up she collides with a chest. A pair of arms hold her as the taller person looked down at her with a gentle smile.

"I got you..."

703 burst into the room and run closer to them, the younger doctor tried to pry away from the grip but it was impossible.


703 stops on his feet standing a few meters from them.

"W-What?" (Y/n) breathed heavily and looked back at the man holding her on his arms, but she couldn't see his face.

"I'm sorry... little one, let me introduce myself..." he managed to say those words without moving his lips.

The lights returned into the room and her eyes widens, it was a damaged storage room filled with the black fungus and many doctors hanging out from the ceiling... she could tell by their states that they died a long time ago. Looking back at the man holding her, she notices that he was wearing doctor's clothes, his eyes were completely back and he had an unsettling smile on his lips, he had light-brown hair tied up in a low ponytail that reached to his shoulders. With all her strength, she pushes away from him and walks towards her experiment.

"Hun- 703, can you hear me?" she places her hands on his cheeks and looks directly at his eyes.

"He can't..." the other doctor placed his hands on her shoulders "His mind... is contaminated with the fungus... as you called it and I'm happy to hear you say that... other doctors referred to me as a parasite..."

"Stay away from us" she pushes him away and turns around looking at him "Specimen zero... I assume..."

"Not exactly... this is a recipient... I am everywhere" he points at his head "But mostly... I am here"

"In every place that there's a fungus..."

"I am there..." his smile widens "I am glad that we understand each other..."

"Can you get out of 703's mind?"

He tilts his head "I can... but I do not want to" he walks closer to them but stops when he sees her taking a step back "This is the first time that I control a mutant..."

"You don't have the right to do so"

"But I have the power..." he looks back at the experiment and nods.

703 walks besides her doctor as she turns to look at him.

"703?" she mutters.

He places his hands over her neck putting pressure on her.

"He does not seemed different to control like the other humans..."

(Y/n) looked up at her experiment, it was impossible to let out any words, she could barely breath. Trying to pulls his arms out, she starts crying. Everything that she did was for nothing, closing her eyes, she kept trying to break free.

Feeling drops falling on her cheeks, she opens her eyes seeing tears falling from her experiment's eyes. He was loosening the grip on her neck resting his forehead on hers. She places her hands on his cheeks finally breathing correctly.

"I stand corrected..." the specimen zero laughs "He is not like the other humans or ghouls..."

He takes a step closer and the experiment automatically stands up taking a step back from her.

"But I hope that it was enough to impress you..." he extends his hand towards her.

She glares at him and stands up on her own dusting her clothes and looking back at 703, he looked like the last minute didn't happened.

"I want you to come with me..." the specimen zero speaks up.

"What?" she looks back at the infected doctor.

"I saw you... from the moment you encountered the infected guards an even when you started replicate the infected blood... you are an exceptional human... if the other doctors reacted with your judgment they might be alive... if we work together we will do amazing things..."

"Why would I do that?" she frowns.

"You seemed closer to this mutant... if you come with me..." he points at the experiment "I will take the fungus out of his head..."

Her eyes widens and looks back at the experiment.

"We should leave now..." he extends his hand towards her.

Before she could answer him, the specimen zero winces in pain and retreats his hand.

"It looks like I am losing control over him..."

She turns around seeing 703 biting his own arm.

"What a shame... it seems that I have to put him down..."

"If he dies I'll kill myself" she glares at him "Then you won't have me nor my body to control..."

703 takes many steps back from them and walks towards a wall banging his head with it once.

The infected doctor groans and places a hand over his head.

"Stop it..."

703 bangs his head again making the other doctor scream holding his head.


Suddenly, her radio starts working.

"Dr. (L/n)? We are in the entrance of the lab, is it safe to come in? Over" the voice of Sveta resounded on the radio.

The infected doctor chuckles humorlessly while holding his head "It seems that that is my call to leave... I guess that you will not come with me anytime soon..."

She glares at him making him sigh.

"Fine then... I will give you time to reconsider it... until next time, Dr. (L/n)... and please call me Mr. Hyde, I like it..." he smiles wickedly before the lights turned off for a couple of seconds, when the lights turned on again, the infected doctor was nowhere to be seen.

(Y/n) shakes her head to clear her mind and turns around to see 703 lying on the ground. Running next to him, she kneels down and checks his head. His wounds weren't too severe...

"Dr. (L/n), I need an answer" Sveta speaks up again "Is everything okay, Dr. (L/n)? Over"

(Y/n) grabs the radio "Here Dr. (L/n), do not enter the facility and please avoid getting in contact with the fungus, call the central and tell them to bring in an armored truck to transport 703... over" she stands up and starts looking for closed packets in the storage to treat his wounds.

"Roger that, it may take a couple of hours, are you sure you don't need backup? Over"

"Tell me when the truck arrives, out" she kneels down next to 703 starting to take the supplies that she recollected and looks back to his wound.

Her eyes widens when she notices that his wound was covered with the black fungus and it was healing itself.

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