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few weeks later

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few weeks later...

"it's hot" Te'lani fanned herself walking into Walgreens.

"can't let nobody see me in this damn store" she mumbled grabbing two pregnancy test.

she didn't get her period so she assumed.

She didn't wanna let nobody know until she was sure.

"ouu shit" Te'lani mumbled setting a timer.

she peed on the test and sat it on the toilet paper.

she started the timer; and waited patiently.

"damn it don't take that long now" she looked at her phone again.

the timer went off and she looked at the test.


"lol they stay lying" she mumbled grabbing the other one.

she peed on the stick and sat it down waiting.

"it's ghetto, pregnancy is ghetto" she mumbled bouncing her leg up and down.

she grabbed the test and saw the plus on the test.

"baby" she mumbled looking at both the test.

"I can't do this" she said tapping her thigh.

" what's wrong with you" Murda asked walking in the bathroom.

"i don't like you" she said throwing the test at him.

he grabbed them and smiled.

"why you so happy?" She mugged him.

"because you pregnant again" he hugged her.

"you mad but told me nut in you" he laughed.

"that' was in the heat of the moment why listen?"

"why not" he shrugged throwing test away.

"how we gone handle two babies with Tru just turning 1?" she asked.

" we'll figure it out, you wanna move in with me? it's only right"

"we need something bigger especially since we got another baby coming" Te'lani told him.

"what you gone do with this house?"

"probably rent it" she shrugged.

"ight we can look for something or you can and i'll go look at it" he told her.

"ok i'm nervous about having another baby though" she frowned.

"why? i'm gone be with you this pregnancy ain't nothing to be nervous about"

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