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few months later

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few months later ...

( hell yeah imma keep doing time skips to get the sequel out😭)

"u ok?" Te'lani asked sitting down next to Cece.

"yeah he said he wanna talk to me though" Cece said.

it had been 5 months since they broke up and they only talked if it was about Skylar.

she couldn't stand to look at him either.

"you gone do it? I say get closure as to why he did it" Te'lani said

"he told me it was in the moment" Cece laughed bitterly.

"girl please it's more to it, he just said that so you wouldn't hit him with that bat again"

"i felt good knowing his jaw was wire shut" she laughed.

"fuck him at the end of the day though, if we do talk that would be that I don't want him back"

"you sure y'all not gone get back together?" Te'lani asked.

"i'm sure"

"aye bitch" they heard from outside.

"the fuck they coming here right now?" she asked.

"i guess" Te'lani asked not knowing they were coming over.

they walked in the house and everybody looked at Cece.

"boo. bitch y'all seen me before" Cece jumped at them.

Ju actually jumped causing them to laugh.

"that shit ain't funny" He mugged them.

"Cece cmon" Ju said to her.

she looked at him and mugged him "bitch ask nicely before I smack u"

"can you please cmon damn" He said.

"she making you her bitch" Wes laughed.

"lol" Ju mumbled.

"let's go, you probably gotta get back to that weak ass babymama over yours" she mumbled standing up.

she grabbed his arm and dragged him outside.

"we see who was the man in the relationship"

"y'all so annoying" Te'lani laughed leaning on Murda.

she hoped the talk went good for them.


"talk" she said bouncing her leg up and down

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"talk" she said bouncing her leg up and down.

"what you want me to say? i don't know how to start this shit" Ju told her.

"why you did it and give me a real answer because a damn bat ain't to far"

"i don't know we wasn't having sex when you was pregnant with Skylar and after you had her. I get after u had her but not having sex for 8 months and a few weeks wasn't cutting it for me" Ju told her.

"Julian... you never tried to have sex" Cece laughed.

Ju never tried to have sex while she was pregnant at all.

so she didn't know why he tried to make it seem like she was withholding it.

"i did though, you had a attitude the whole pregnancy"

"the fuck do that gotta do with us fucking?" she rose her eyebrows.

"but you went and fucked your baby mother that's what is getting me, the one you said you hated but I forgot when niggas say shit like that they be in love with them bitches for real"

"i don't love her, that shit was in the moment we started talking and she started rubbing on me and I didn't stop her" he sighed.

"if I let Wes rub on me and don't stop him how you gone feel? if I sat and let him fuck me how would u feel?" she asked.

"it's how you gone feel after I beat yo' ass" he shrugged.

"anyways , I don't see us being together after this cheating shit I thought u really loved me but you go and fucked her and she bragging up it in a nail salon"

"Cece I ain't saw my son in months because you slapped her" Ju said.

"she wouldn't have got slapped if she didn't try to be funny" she shrugged.

"and tell that bitch stop being bitter she basically unfit anyways" Cece shrugged.

"so you really don't wanna get back together?" he frowned.

he learned from his mistakes and really wouldn't cheat on her again but she didn't believe that.

if he cheated once he could do it again.

"no I don't" she said shaking her head.

"ight can I get my daughter?" he asked her.

she nodded her head and he walked back into the house.

Cece sat on the porch and saw Ju walk back out with her car seat and bag.

"i'll bring her back in a few days" he said not making eye contact.

he walked back to his car and Cece walked in the house.

"well what happened?" Te'lani asked her.

"nothing" Cece lied.

"you lying stop lying" Wes rolled his eyes.

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this short ian know what to write so we gone say it's a filler

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