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"this the last thing we doing before we done for real" Ju said as they pulled they mask down.

"nigga wanna be a family man so bad with no bitch" Wes mumbled.

"ugly ass always hating" Ju said.

"shut the cameras off" Murda told Rod.

"it's givinggggg spy kids" Ju said.

"you finna get left in the truck" they said all hopping out.

they closed the door and pulled their mask down.

"if I get shot just know imma be shitty" Ju whispered picking the lock.

he opened the door to the warehouse and walked in seeing females bagging drugs.

they looked up and before they could scream Ju started shooting all of them.

"why tf?" Wes asked him.

"they was finna scream who wanna hear that?" he asked walking over to the table.

"finna take all this weed the fuck is y'all saying" he mumbled putting it in a duffel bag.

he grabbed all the money off the table and put it in the bag.

"don't spilt up either this not a white person movie"

"nigga stfu" Murda told him.

"damn ain't nobody in this bitch" Ju said loudly as they walked deeper into the warehouse.

"should've left you at home" Wes shook his head.

Ju made a face looking at him "feeling not appreciated"

"ain't it supposed to be a office?" Murda asked.

"it's upstairs" Ju told them.

they walked up the stairs and saw the office door was wide open.

"unt un who was here before us?" Ju asked.

they walked in the office and saw a man with a bullet between his eyes.

"so them bitches didn't hear him get shot?" Wes asked.

"they was stealing drugs" Ju shrugged.

he walked towards the man and took the watch off him "he don't need this"

they tore the office up until they found a stash of money.

"move" Wes said grabbing it.

"ouu wee look what that money make a bitch do" Ju shook his head.

"nigga so annoyin" Murda laughed.

they grabbed all the money and jewelry and finally walked out the office.

they walked down the stairs and our warehouse.

"bro am I tripping or was one of them bitches moving?" Ju asked lookin back.

he squinted his eyes as he saw something running towards them.

"wtf is that" he asked running pushing Wes down.

"damn bitch" Wes mumbled standing up.

"Ju you tripping" Murda told him.

"y'all ain't see that bitch running?" Ju asked.

"n-" Wes was cut off hearing coughing.

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