Chapter 26 • Family

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

My eyes connected with Ares's when he opened my room door, without thinking twice I ran towards him and jumped into his warm embrace.

His arms wrapped around me and held me tightly as I buried my face into his chest to listen to his heartbeat that always comforted me.

"Are you okay? Did they do anything to you or Maddy?" He asks pulling away with a panicking look on his face, "We are okay, making new enemies sometimes has a positive effect on me" I said with a slight smirk.

He frowns in confusion and was about to ask a question when we heard the sound of the bathroom door being opened, we turned our heads to see Madeline standing frozen on her spot, and then I looked back at Ares to see his eyes slight softening as he stared at her.

When Maddy noticed an unfamiliar person in the room, she immediately stepped back inside the bathroom and closed the door. I sighed before looking up at Ares, "I will talk to her" I walked towards the bathroom after receiving a nod from Ares.

I gently knocked on the door, "It's me, princess, can you please open the door for me?" I asked in a soft tone and I heard the door opening slowly, "W-who is that?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"He is my brother, he wouldn't hurt you. Do you trust me?" I placed my hand out for her and she stayed still for a few seconds before nodding her head and placing her hand in mine.

"Do you want to see Dada?" I asked and a smile made its way to her lips as she nodded, "He will take us to Dada, okay?" I picked up Maddy and placed her on my hip as I walked out of the bathroom.

When Ares heard my footsteps he stood straight putting his phone back into his pocket, he stares at Madeline for the first time and I think that's the first time he sees a kid, normally he hates kids. I have no idea why but he always hated them for some reason that he keeps to himself.

Okay, that sounds bad-let's say he doesn't like them or doesn't like staying with them, I don't know but from what I have heard from his best friend Dominic who I see as my brother, he doesn't want to include any child into his dangerous lifestyle.

I could feel Madeline nuzzling her head into my neck as I walked closer to Ares, his dark forest green eyes slightly softened when he saw Madeline.

But soon, his eyes returned to be filled with anger as his jaw clenched. God, how many people have anger issues in this fucked up family?

Ares looked at me to take permission to try and talk to Maddy, but I know that she isn't ready by the way she is shaking in my hands, so I shook my head and he didn't go any further as he nodded and walked out of the room as I followed him.

He walked towards his black Bugatti car as I followed him and then we both got inside, there was a punch of black SUVs surrounding us to make sure we are safe.

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