Chapter 25 Kanto Excursion

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No one's POV

Currently within class, Principal Oak was telling everyone about the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon School.

Principal Oak: Now, it's been decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon School, a special extracurricular lesson is going to be helDangoro, Gantle, Gigailath!

Ash: "Special"?!

Serena: Wow, the Pokémon School has been open that long?

Mallow: Does that mean we get to go somewhere really amazing?

Kukui: We'll be going to the Kanto Region!

Everyone other than Nhazul and Ash: Wow!

Ash: Aw, it's just Kanto...?

Nhazul: ...-_-... I just came from there...

Kiawe: Ash, you come from Kanto, don't you?

Ash: Yeah...

Sophocles: The famous Professor Oak has jus lab there too, right?

Principal Oak: He does indeed. And I want to have you visit my cousin Professor Oak's lab and get a real eyeful of Kantonion Pokémon.

Kukui: That's not all, either. Also, we have some special guests help you tackle something that can't be done here.

Nhazul: "Special guests"?

Mallow: Something that can't be done in Alola?

Kukui: You'll have to wait and see.

Ash: Ooh!

Kiawe and Sophocles: Sounds fun!

Girls: Indeed!


After being told they would be traveling to Kanto for extracurricular lessons, every got into a plane and flew over. After a few hour flight, they finally arrived, walking into the terminal.

Ash:We're here!

Mallow: I hope we get to see a Vileplume!

Lana: And a Seadra too.

As Lillie and Serena were walking out, Lillie noticed Snowball, not acting herself.

Lillie: Oh?

Serena: Is something wrong?

Lillie: Something is wrong with Snowball... Oh dear...

Serena: We should take it to the Pokémon Center.

???: Oh? Would you mind if I take a little look at that Vulpix? I'm a Pokémon Doctor intern, you see.

Serena and Lillie looked over and saw man with tan skin and medical bag

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Serena and Lillie looked over and saw man with tan skin and medical bag.

Serena: We'd really appreciate if you did.

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