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"Tobias wake up" Te'lani shook him looking down at the wet sheets.

"you pissed yo' self?" he asked looking down at the cover.

"no dummy my water broke come on" she frowned standing up slowly.

he handed her some sweats for her to change and grabbed the hospital bag.

"come on" He said helping her.

"get the kids" she told him remembering Tru and Aniya were sleeping.

Yvonne told him she needed her to stay the night and Murda knew she just wanted to be a hoe.

"bitch!" Tru looked at Murda rubbing his eyes.

"boy watch yo' mouth and grab Aniya hand" she told him.

he mugged everybody and grabbed her hand.

"mad because he got woke up ugly ass" Murda mumbled as they all walked to the car.

"friend you look a mess" Ju shook his head.

"bitch did I ask?" Te'lani asked snapping feeling another contraction.

"you need a perc assum the language never was necessary" he waved her off.

"who child yall stole?" Rod looked at a sleeping Aniya.

"she's Tobias daughter" Te'lani said and Cece eyes shot towards her.

"i'll tell you about it later"

Cece nodded as Murda walked in the room.

"who daughter she is?" Rod asked.

"Yvonne's" he mumbled handing Te'lani some ice.

"you sure she's yours?" Ju asked looking at him.

"nah" Murda shrugged.

"he all nonchalant this nigga gone be 30 with 10 kids" Rod shook his head.

"bitch" Tru said smacking Ju.

"i'm just sitting here man" Ju laughed.

"can't nobody stand you" Cece said rocking Skylar.

"don't let her fool y'all we was just finn- boy hush" Cece cut him off.

"how are you doing?" the doctor walked in smiling.

"give me some medicine please" Te'lani said closing her eyes.

"yes please"

"and give her son some too" Ju looked at Tru.

"well you're 4 centimeters dilated so you'll have to push soon" the doctor told her

"well I ain't pushing without no medicine" She looked at her.

"ok i'll be back" she said walking out the room.

"i'm not having no more kids" Te'lani frowned feeling another contraction.

"the medicine got you talking crazy" Murda looked at her.

"boy you know I ain't got no damn medicine" she mugged him.

cry's filled the room as the doctor handed Te'lani her daughter.

"what do you wanna name her?"

"Kirah Monroe"

"damn she don't get a middle name?" Ju peeked in the room.

"you so aggravating" Te'lani laughed as the nurses came and grabbed Kirah.

"we have to clean her up and then you can have her for as long as you want"

Te'lani nodded and laid back on the bed.

"Yvonne on her way" Murda told her.

"for why?"

"to get Aniya; she came to the house and we wasn't there" he told her.

"ok i'm taking a nap i'm sleepy" she yawned.

he nodded and went to go wake Aniya up.

for all he knew she could really be Tatum's.

"her mama here" Cece told him.

he nodded and picked Aniya up since she wasn't waking up.

he walked out the room and saw Yvonne arguing with Ju and Rod.

"stfu who finna argue with y'all?" Yvonne asked.

"you apparently and you stink" Ju turned his nose up.

"boy stink? what I smell like?" she asked stepping in his face.

"ho get back" Cece mugged her.

"just know you smell bad and I hope you not finna carry her smelling how you smelling"

"boy fuck you give me her and go back with your babymother" Yvonne said grabbing Aniya.

"bitches be bitter" Rod shook his head.

"niggas homies be dead"

"if i'm not mistaken he was your nigga, so bitches niggas be dead" Ju told her.

they all looked at him with wide eyes.

"what?" he asked rolling his eyes.

she flicked him off and walked off.

Murda walked back in the room and saw Tru laying under Te'lani.

"you grown" Murda told him.

"i not" Tru mumbled laying on her chest.

"where the baby?" he asked the nurse.

she pointed to where she was and he went and grabbed her.

he was glad he had another kid especially with Te'lani.

"skin to skin helps the baby bond with the father" the nurse said to him.

"you just tryna see my chest" he looked her up and down.

"no" she laughed nervously. "just take your shirt off and lay her on your chest with the blanket"

"i'll do it when you get out. pervert" he mumbled .

"boy she don't want you" Te'lani mumbled opening her eyes.

"you never know"

"Tru move you slobbering" she tried to lift him up.

"so" he mumbled.

"he been around Cece to much" Murda laughed laying Kirah on his chest.

"stop because then she won't like me" Te'lani frowned.


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