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I always tried to stay away from guns but living in a house with two drug dealers and guns in pretty much every hiding spot, is not very helpful. My boyfriend Ashtray is a drug dealer and a pretty damn good one. He also wanted me to never touch a gun, i can look but never touch. He wouldn't allow me unless is a real situation.

Today was that real situation.

Guns were being shot, it was mouse. Demanding Fez and Ash for money, that they didn't have just yet. I was peaking from behind the wall, watching everything happen and immediately panicked when the muscular man pulled a gun out. I had to do something. Fez was trying to get Mouse to calm down while Ashtray silently glared at him.

I quietly walked off to Ash's room and grabbed the gun from the cereal box in his room, peculiar hiding place but i'll let it slide i guess? I looked at the gun, debating whether I should use it. "This will save Ash and Fez" I whispered to myself before slowly walking out the bedroom but sped up when i heard more gunshots, fearing for the boys.

Mouse was only shooting the walls, to scare them but none of them flinched one bit. "I'll give you 30 seconds to give me the money" Mouse spoke. "We can't give something we don't fucking have!" Ashtray yelled aggressively and Fez had to calm him down. But it was too late, Mouse already had the gun aimed at my boyfriends head and his finger against the trigger. He was about to shoot when...

I had already shot him. Ash looked over at me as Mouse fell to the floor, blood pouring out of the hole in his head. Fez looked down at him before looking at me. "What the fuck..." he muttered, i dropped the gun as my hands shook. "Fuck, i'm sorry, i panicked!" I spoke quickly with shaking breaths. Ash quickly walked over to me and cupped my cheek.

"Hey, no, don't be sorry. You saved me, ma." He replied with a smile, my eyes were focused on his before they slowly trailed to the dead body, which Fez was slowly poking at. Ash tapped my cheek. "Don't look, you'll feel worse. Take the gun back up to the room, Fez and i will deal with this." He explained gently and kissed my forehead. I walked off, in shock.

I had just killed someone...

But i killed them for Ash, thats all that matters, right?

If i hadn't shot Mouse, it would've been Ash on the floor with a bullet hole in his head. But he wasn't and i saved him, like he had saved me many times in the past. And you know what? I'd gladly do it again if it meant keeping him alive.

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