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 Taymor Pov~Long Beach, California Next Day, Thursday 9:34 Am

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Taymor Pov~
Long Beach, California
Next Day, Thursday
9:34 Am


"You so cute I could fuck you all day" Dayvon said, rubbing Taymor's naked body.

"Let's go again" Kentrell popped up from behind Taymor.

"Nigga no, y'all act like some sex demons plus we just went 3 rounds, my legs are still shaking" Taymor spat, turning around hitting Kentrell's shoulder while he chuckled.

"I'm just joking Ma" Kentrell chuckled, grabbing Taymor arm pulling him into a kiss.

"You took yo birth control or whatever?" Dayvon asked, siting up on the bed.

"No, I'll take it in a minute one day not gon hurt" Taymor said, knowing he missed some day of taking his birth control and he still wasn't pregnant.

"Alright let's go get in the shower" Dayvon got up helping Taymor and Kentrell.


Dayvon stood behind Kentrell, kissing his neck as he hold him in place by his hip, "You so sexy" Dayvon moved his hands down to Kentrell's waist band, pulling his boxer's down a bit.

"You not gonna let me top you again? I promise I'll do it gentle" Kentrell turned around looking at Dayvon as he spoke.

Dayvon never wanted to admit he liked being fucked by Kentrell but the only thing that hold him back was his pride, he never wanted no one to see him getting 'bitched out' or bottoming so he never wanted Kentrell to do him like that ever again.

"I understand if you don't want me to it's fine" Kentrell mumbled turning his back to the mirror, continuing to wash his hands.

Dayvon thought about it for a moment, "I would let you top me but not today, I just wanna please you" Dayvon whispered, kissing Kentrell's neck.

"Then do it" Kentrell licked his lips, slightly moving his ass against Dayvon's crotch.

Dayvon immediately bent over Kentrell over the sink, pulling Kentrell's boxer's down to his knees exposing his puckered hole and hard dick that swung between his legs, "Look at that pretty hole" Dayvon said, before dribbling his spit on Kentrell's hole.

Kentrell arched his back into a deep arch making his ass go up in the air a bit, "Oh you ready. Huh??" Dayvon slapped Kentrell's ass, in which he let out a loud moan.

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