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Regular POV :

A surge of brightness came to your eyes and immediately a red and black mixture left your mouth.
When you were done vomiting, you realized someone was holding your hair. You looked up at Caide with annoyance as your face flushed and tears filled.
"What?! I chose Vice!! What are you doing Caide? He'll kill you!!"
"I won't kill him.." Vice sighed calmly helping you up.
"What? I don't understand.."
"I can't kill him.. I'm not ill hearted enough to kill anyone" His voice was saddened yet enraged.

Vice looked up at you and let out a breath.

"I don't want our last meeting to be upsetting. You don't need to cry and I won't make you feel like you need too. Bad things happen to good people sometimes" he smiled but it was already to late, "Awe.. sweetheart.."

You burst into tears and he wrapped you in a skin numbing hug that made you gasp.

"It's okay.." Vice whispered and Caide yanked the back of your collar.
"Caide!" you cried and he shook his head.

Vice laughed a bit and plopped to the ground.

"Your boyfriend wants you to finish this quickly.. so as my final request I just ask for a kiss" he smiled tapping his lips but Caide scoffed.
"Like hell she'll kiss you!"

You quickly jumped into Vices arms, ready for a kiss but a gust of wind blew infront of both your lips. Caide held the staff, blocking the kiss, as he scolded you both in an annoyed but calm tone. "If you're going to kiss, break her from the damn bind first"
Vice chuckled and snapped his fingers, "Worth a shot~"

The cherry blossom bracelet, that had restrained your wrist, broke into pieces and fell to the ground.
Before you could even look down, Vice cupped your cheeks and kissed you passionately.
Your feet hit the ground as he pulled you in more and you were engulfed by his cold devotion.

You bet it would've felt nice if he wasn't freezing.

Vice held for as long as he could. Tears began dripping from your eyes at the cold temperature.
He let you go and you fell to your knees with a gasp. Caide helped you up with a sour expression.

"Oh and one finally request. My body. That rusted key you've been holding on to unlocks the room where my corpse is. Give it a proper burial please.. goodbye.." Vice started walking away but you stopped him.
"Wait!! I have a question! Lila.. who killed her? You must know.." you plead and noticed Vice glanced at Caide with a smile.

You followed his gaze and Caide had a nervous yet defensive look. He furrowed his eyebrows at the spirit and your suspicions rose.

"It was.. me" Vice admitted and waved goodbye.
"Vice wait! Don't go yet!" You cried and his body began to glow.

He looked at his hands with excitement and a genuine grin was plastered on his face.
Vices head shot at you with adoration and he blew you as kiss before a snap of light blinded you.

When you looked back up he was gone.
You didn't know how to react.. it was so quick.

"Vice.." you mumbled out saddened.
You clenched your shirt and Caide picked you up and threw you over his shoulders.
"Caide set me down please.." you asked politely.
"No.. we have to bury his body remember? You can mourn then.."


You both walked around inside the school searching for a place the body could have been hidden.

"Kissing another man infront of me.." Caide mentioned suddenly and you stumbled over your words.
"W-Well I.."
"It's fine. It was his last request after all.." Caide stated maturely and you admired him.
"It's really sweet you live up to your duties as a shaman.." you complimented and he smiled to himself.
"More or less.. I try to help the spirits move on. I guess you could say I somewhat succeeded?"
"You wanted to wipe him from existence.." you trailed off and he glared at you with a snap.
"Shut up!! I did it for you!!"



After searching around for hours you finally decided to check the roof. There was a small ventilation and electrical area but you would've never thought Vices body could fit.
It wasn't even big enough to be considered a room.
You and Caide slowly crept to the small door

"Do you have that rusted key?" he asked and you nodded.
"Lila gave it to me, but I never used it" You took it out and gave it to him, "Caide.. why did Vice look at you like that? When I asked about Lila.."
"Not sure.." he replied blankly and you snatched the key back from him.
"But that was a little suspicious to me" you began to argue and he rolled his eyes.
"We're in the middle of something right now! I told you I don't know okay?"

You scoffed and began to use the key but your hands were to shaky.
Caide slapped your hand away and took the key. He unlocked it himself as you stood watching anxiously.

You almost gagged.

It was Vices mangled and decayed corpse.
Stuffed in such a small space.

You covered your mouth and Caide stepped infront of you, blocking your field of vision.

"No wonder the school shut down.. the smell must have been horrible. I guess the principal didn't want to deal with a missing dead student" Caide said with disgust. He began pulling it out after putting on gloves.
"They must've forgot about him when then built the new school.."
"Forgot? More like didn't care.." Caide let out with agitation.


Caide did all the work. He carried the body all the way down to the ground level and outside. He stuck it in the already dug six foot hole in the garden.
He shoveled the dirt on top and spread it out neatly.

You heart sunk for Vice but you couldn't get over what had happened with Caide.

He looked very attractive as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.
You loved Caide.
You truly did. The love came very naturally.
But you couldn't help but feel a piece was missing..

"Caide you're pretty good at this.." you trailed off looking at him continue to bury the body.
He paused.
"What are you talking about?" he asked a bit agitated and tired.
"Ah.. I'm sorry.." you apologized and he smiled.

He kissed your forehead and you blushed.

"I'm not hiding anything okay? I told you I would tell you anything you wanted to know right? See these scars on my arms?" he continued and you nodded, "When I was little, I was chased by a spirit"
"By a spirit? You mean demon?" You asked confused as he threw the shovel on top of the fresh grave.
"Not all spirits are nice. The spirit was in the midst of turning into a demon.."

Caide continued his story as you both walked to the car.

"I was so scared I ran through some bushes of thorns and they scraped up my arms pretty badly. My grandfather saved me and taught be a lesson, as usual, of how I shouldn't be scared" he drove off as you continued to listen.
"Your grandfather seems so wise"
"He was.."

It went silent again and Caide stopped the car.

"Y/n listen for a second!" He said really loudly and you looked at him, "I love you! Nothing will change that ever! Move in with me!"

Your eyes widened and before you could reply he kissed your lips.

"S-Sorry I'm dirty and sweaty. I probably stink too but I want to protect you okay? Even though your annoying as hell.." he smiled with a reddened face and you kissed his cheek.
"I'll move in with you.." you agreed as he started the car again.

"I knew you would!"


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