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Okay, I know that MC is technically a reincarnation of Lilith still what if she is still reincarnated as an angel once again.

Leviathan's P. O.V

I stared horrified looking at Lucifer.

"Break up with her, " Lucifer said again.

I felt shock for a moment, then become angry.

"What you are saying is impossible! No I won't leave her! " I accidentally shouted.

I gasp, clasping my mouth shut. I'm angry but I never meant to shout at my brother.

Lucifer stared at me for a moment before standing up. I took a step back.

"Wha- what are you gon–"

Lucifer hugged me. "–na do... "

" I'm sorry but if the higher ups learns about the love between an angel and a demon it will cause and uproar. Lord Diavo-"

"Shut up with this!! Lord Diavolo again?? When are you gonna start thinking about us, Lucifer? Your brothers, " I said pushing him away.

"Diavolo this, Diavolo that. And then when something bad happens or something pisses you off you're gonna turn your anger to us? You never cared about anyone else except for your Lord Diavolo! It was as if the only thing missing is for you to marr–"


My eyes widen. Feeling the sting left from the slap.

I touched my left cheek in pain looking shocked and hurt at the same time.

But when I look at Lucifer's eyes it seems that I wasn't the only one.

"Who do you think I am doing all this things for? I did this not for myself but for you and the others. Yet seems like none of you sees my efforts and sacrifices. Lord Diavolo has done nothing but help us. If it weren't for him we would be dead. Yet you all have done nothing, not even a thank you for Lord Diavolo's kindness. " Lucifer with out a heavy breath.

He slowly extended his hand and patted my head.

"The love between an Angel and Demon is extremely forbidden. Not only will you be killed but also her. Either you let her go or you will be the one to cause her doom. " Lucifer said he pulled me to another hug.

But I...

I remained frozen.

"I will give you a week to think on the words to tell to her. I'm sorry. " Lucifer said.

I nodded and started to walk away from the office.


"I love you leviathan, " she said.

"W-what's with the sudden d-declaration. " I said stuttering turning to a red tomato.

She let out a soft giggle. "What can't I say those words, I love you so it's normal for me to say it. "

"Look I win, " she said happily.

"N-no fair!! You distracted me by saying those l-lovely words, " I argued.

She laugh, "it's called a tactic Mr. Otaku. "


"Silly Leviathan, me and Mammom are talking about you. " she said, laughing.

"M-me, " I pointed to myself.

"Yes, I was asking where can I buy the limited edition DVD of TSL. The on you're telling me about the other day. Don't you remember? "

"Wait are you jealous?? " she asked.

I turned. My head side ways, I gave her a side glance before answering, " of course I'd be jealous. My brother are all handsome and have good qualities while me. I'm just an Otaku. "

She giggled even more. She tip toed up and gave my cheeks a quick peck.

"Well you are right. But they are in no level of your handsomeness Levi-kun. " she said she hugged me tightly.

I slowly wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her in.

"I'm glad to know you're jealous though, " she muttered.

"Why is that, " I asked. Happy that I did not stutter.

"Because that just shows how much you love me Levi-kun. And I love you as well very much. " she exclaimed.


I stared at her.

"This will be our last game, " I said.

"O-ohh are you gonna sleep early? That's surprising but good since you need to ake care of your health more Levi-kun" she asked helping me put the controllers in place.

"No, what I m-meant is, " I gulped.

My hands are shaking uncontrollably, at the moment.

She must have catch how my hands are shaking as she attempted to hold it.

"Levi-kun?? "

"Forget about me, forget the love that is now meaningless. Maybe then you'll find someone that is right and will make you even more happy, " I said.

"Levi-kun, " was the only thing she said before I closed the door.

I locked the door ignoring her calls..

"I'm sorry, "


I stared at her retreating back through the window.

The day she will be departing and never come back to this place.

"Be happy my beloved and may you find the person that will bring you an eternal happiness, "

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