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REQUESTEDAGED UP TO 15❝𝚂𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙻𝙴𝚈❞———————————————————————

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I sat on the couch in front of my dad as he glared at me in disappointment. Me and my girlfriend pulled yet another prank on the family but as always, i was the one getting in trouble for it. My arms were crossed waiting for the lecture. "This is, what, the tenth prank you've done this month. It's getting out of hand!" He began to scold me, i sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, young man" he spoke sternly and i immediately looked at him. "It's not my fault Y/n comes up with these amazing pranks!" I replied, huffing at the end. "Y/n? These are your girlfriends ideas?" My dad asked and i hesitantly nodded and he let out a sarcastic laugh. "Then say goodbye because i do not want you to date her!" He yelled and my heart sank, I instantly stood up.

"I'm not breaking up with her, i love her too much!" I shouted and he grabbed the collar of my shirt. "You will do it, Stanley, she is a terrible influence on you" he informed, i furrowed my brows. "Well...i made her like that so technically i'm the bad influence" i grinned up at my dad but he rolled his eyes. "Don't be smart with me, Stanley Pitts. Go break up with Y/n, right now." He said and lightly shoved me away.

"But daddd..thats just not fair!" "Do it or you're grounded for 2 months and i'll tell Y/n myself"

I knew my dad was stubborn and wasn't going to change his mind, so I muttered a small "okay" before walking off to Y/n's room. On the way, i passed my aunties and uncles who spoke to me but i was too upset to even listen. I eventually made it to Y/n's room and lightly knocked on the door. "Come in!" I heard her beautiful voice from the inside.

Instead of walking in calmly, I stormed in and began my mini breakdown. "MY DAD WANTS ME TO BREAK UP WITH YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A BAD INFLUENCE BUT I DONT WANNA BREAK UP WITH YOU, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" I whined and hugged her knees as she stood beside her bed. I took her silence as 'trying to process this' and i was right, her brows furrowed in confusion.

"Diego thinks im a bad influence even though you taught me how to be like this?" She questioned and i stood up and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Yeah...i'm sorry darling" i apologised sadly, feeling bad just incase my dad made her feel bad. Before she began laughing...why was she laughing? "Why are you laughing?" I asked and she calmed down before replying; "you're dad is so stupid" a cute smile still on her face. I gave one too.

"He really is, isnt he?" I asked with a light chuckle. "So...what are we gonna do?" I continued and thats when an evil smirk formed on her lips. "What are you thinking about, trouble?" And thats when she leaned into my ear and told me the plan. It was an incredible good one too.

A few days after our 'break up', Y/n and i were acting insanely upset, just to gain some sympathy from my dad or maybe my other family members so they can knock some sense into him instead. We all sat at the dinner table, Y/n and I purposely in front of each other so we can make a sense at breakfast. Y/n sat in between uncle Five and uncle Viktor while i sat in between my dad and aunt Allison. It was all quiet until Five asked "why has there been so much tension between you two lately?"

Y/n and i gave a look saying 'our plan may work'. "Yeah, i miss your pranks" Allison spoke up, looking at both me and my girlfriend. "oh we-" "He broke up with me!" Y/n cut in, putting on a fake pissed off act. "And he didn't even tell me why" she whispered sadly at the end, uncle viktor gently pat her back. I fake scoffed the best i could. "Well deserved" i spoke and we both glared at each other.

"Geez, what happened to you too" Allison muttered and i felt my dad looking at us both. "Stan" i heard his warning voice and turned to look at him. "What did you say to her the other day?" He questioned and I thought this was the right time. "What you told me to do but i made up a lie" i lied to keep up the act and he gave me a concerned look. "What do you mean?!" Y/n played along while the other hargreeves watched as it all unfolded.

"My dad wanted me to break up with you, it was a lie when i said I didn't love you anymore and that i was too good for you" i spoke, my acting skills were great i cant lie. My dad's jaw dropped and so did the others...well apart from uncle Five who was sipping his daily coffee. "You said that to her?!" My dad yelled, glaring at me in complete shock.

"Well I figured you didn't want me to tell her the real reason!" I argued back, happy that the plan to make him feel bad was working. "You can't say that stuff to the girl you love, you told me!" He said and Y/n's eyes widened. "You love me?" She asked and i began to stutter in panic. My dad had to calm me down. "By the way, this was all a prank, he never broke up with me. He just wanted you to eventually accept us" i heard Y/n explain.

"I do accept you guys, you just gotta calm down on the pranks!" My dad scolded once again. "We will, we promise" we spoke at the same time before Y/n turned to me. "By the way, i love you too" she smiled and pecked my lips. Five got up from his chair. "Well this was adventurous" he spoke bluntly before spacial jumping away. I can't say I disagree with him.

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