Chapter 22: Mother found out

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The next day Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi were at the airport to pick up Tsunade and Jiraya. Sakura was jumping in excitement; she had missed her parents a lot ever since they studied in Paris.

Kakashi and Naruto looked at Sakura jumping back and forth, Naruto whined, "Sakura-chan can you calm down, you're being rather hyper and that's coming from me."

Kakashi walked up to her and put a hand on her saying, "Ara ara Sakura-chan I get that you're excited but let's keep it down a bit."

Sakura took a deep breath and said, "Okay okay I'm calm."

"Ah that reminds me. While Tsunade and Jiraya are here I will be heading back to Japan, I need to report back to the company." Kakashi stated.

Sasuke came walking towards them as he handed Sakura her coffee and asked, "Is there a problem?"

"No, I'm just going to discuss some things for Sasuke about the music fest, Sakura about her attending the Star Film Awards, Naruto you will be a judge for a dance survival show."

Sasuke asked, "Will I be performing?"

"Four songs for the first day and another four at the fourth day. Sakura, you're nominated for best actress for the year, Naruto you will be need back in Japan in two weeks, it's a four-month shoot, I'll come back next week after that we'll head back."

Naruto nodded, "Got it."

Kakashi turned to Sakura and asked, "Sakura do you want to look for a dress here or back in Japan?"

Sakura thought about it and said, "I'll head to Japan to pick the dress, I have a designer I've been dying to check out."

Kakashi nodded, "Got it, send me the name of the designer and I'll make an appointment for you to meet."

Sakura's phone then rang, "Hello? Ah, Chloe did you find anything?"

"She's willing to talk but only if we have sold evidence."

Sakura smirked, "Don't worry, we have enough sold evidence to put Lila away for a long, long looong time."

"When are you coming back from the airport?" Chloe asked.

"Not sure just tell her to meet us at the café near your hotel and tell her too keep it a secret."

"Got it."

Naruto and Sasuke walked towards her and asked, "Who was it?"


Naruto looked excited and asked, "Did she convince her?"

"Yup we're meeting her tomorrow, at the Lili café near Chloe's hotel."

Sasuke looked at her with a glint in his eyes and said, "Who's coming?"

"All of us, us, the gang and the cops. But we'll have to keep this under wrap till the perfect moment."

"And when is that?" Sasuke asked.

When Sakura was about to answer she stopped and squealed, "OKAA-SAN OTOU-SAN!"

"MY DAUGHTER!" Jiraya yelled as he gave his daughter a bone crushing hug. He was then punched in the head by Tsunade.

"Let go of her it's my turn." Tsunade reached her arms out to Sakura giving her a big hug, "Come here my sweet daughter, your okaa-san misses you."

"I missh you too moder" Sakura said as she was being squished by her mother. Finally her mother let her go.

The guys approached the family and greeted them. Sasuke and Kakashi politely greeted them, Naruto being Naruto greeted them, "Ohayo Ero-Ji-san, Tsunade-baa-chan!"

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