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Out of all my classes, English IV has to be my favorite. I've always been a sucker for reading books and anything that has to do with writing, so English class is right up my alley.

Today in English, we're watching Romeo and Juliet on the small mobile television set. Our essays on the play were due today, and Mr. Berty thought what better way to celebrate the end of this unit than by watching a movie version of the famous play?

I love watching movies in class, so I'm not complaining. Plus, I love a good romance story, and Romeo and Juliet is my favorite play written by Shakespeare. A lot of my friends think that the love story between Romeo and Juliet is dumb. On the contrary, I've never quite seen it that way. I mean, put yourself in their shoes. If you just met some dashing person who was off limits to you, but you both fell in love anyway, wouldn't you risk it all too?

"Look at Romeo. Killed his true love out of sheer stupidity," I hear Edward comment under his breath. He and I sit together in the back of the class. In fact, this school year, I have almost every class with Edward thanks to his charm among the teachers. Not even they are immune to his dazzling effect.

"Though I do envy him one thing," Edward continues in a low whisper.

I frown in agitation. I love talking to Edward and all but not while we're watching a movie. It always irritates me to the core when someone tries to talk to me while I'm watching a movie. Edward or not, it doesn't matter who it is.

"What?" I hiss quietly, trying to get Edward to finish his vocal thoughts already, so I can get back to enjoying the movie. I know he's probably seen this movie a thousand times, but I haven't. This is my first time seeing it actually.

"The suicide," Edward finally answers.

Edward's answer startles me. For the first time since the movie started, I actually find myself interested in what he has to say.

"It's nearly impossible for . . . for some people," Edward continues. "For humans, a little poison, a dagger to the heart. There's so many different options."

Furrowing my brows, I turn my head towards Edward. "What are you talking about?" I whisper.

"I had to consider it once," he answers simply. He shakes his head. "I didn't know if I'd get to you in time. I had to come up with some kind of plan."

His words provoke me. "Don't you ever consider hurting yourself because of me," I demand in a hiss.

Before I can say more, Mr. Berty interrupts. I realize that the movie had been paused. I hadn't even noticed.

"Now, who'd like to repeat the last few lines of iambic pentameter just to show they were paying attention?" Mr. Berty asks. He pauses, scanning the classroom for a victim.

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