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You still think about him.
Vice that is..

You convinced Caide to help bury Lila's body aswell.
To the public, she's still missing.
You visit both of their graves everyday, and after finishing school you moved in with Caide and you couldn't had been more happy.
Caides wounds had healed nicely and yours did too.

It saddens you to think of the life of Vincent Powell.
In the end, his niceness amounted to nothing.
He gained nothing for being kind. By the time he realized that.. it was too late.

You felt something was off.. something didn't feel right. Was this really the end of Vice? Something felt unsettling..

It did not feel right.

"Are you ready?" Caide asked and you stood up after mourning a bit.
"Yeah.." you sighed and walked with Caide back to the car.

The ride home was calm.
As you stepped out the car, you were greeted by an old friend.

"Wow Y/n! You look so mature~" Lance teased and you gave him a hug with a big smile.
"Damon!! Where have you been?!" You asked with a smile and Caide scoffed.
"You know.. with me being a model and immortal, just doing what I want. What have you been up too?" he asked kissing your hand and you blushed.
"Just getting settled in with Caide.." you smiled and Lance glanced at him.
Caide grabbed your hand and pulled you into his chest. He rubbed your head and you looked away embarrassed.
"Stop.. I'm not a child.."
"I know that.." Caide kissed your neck and you giggled as Lance rolled his eyes with a smirk.
"You know.. I've always shipped you two.."
"What's your point?" Caide snapped and Lance threw his hands up.

You invited Lance inside but remembered he couldn't come in.

"That's too bad" Caide shrugged and you smacked him on the back of the head.
"Don't hit me woman!"
"Be nice to our guest!" you yelled back and he narrowed his eyes at you before smirking.
"Just wait.." he whispered and your face reddened.
"Get away from me perv!!" you yelled with a tease that made Caide flush.
"I'm the perv?!" Caide looked at Damon then back to you, "Y/n.. hush.." he whispered embarrassed.
"I'm still here you know.." Lance said annoyed and you smiled.

Damon hadn't changed one bit. It's been a few weeks since you saw him, but he was still the same childish demon.
In contrast, Caide had changed drastically.
Believe it or not, you both argued less and he began teaching you shaman traditions.
He had his hair pulled back more often.
He teased and flirted despite it being inappropriate.

"Hey Lance.. I don't really remember what happened that night. Like I know I was possessed but Caide won't tell me anything.." you glanced at the demons injured hands, "Do you happen to know?"

The demon grabbed your wrist and you could almost feel the blood boiling in Caide.

"Of course I do! I worked together with Vice.. it's a shame he didn't win"
"What?! Why?" you asked and Caide finally snatched you away.
"I thought it would be interesting.." Lance mumbled before looking at Caide, "Anyways.. I came here for a reason. A few spirits told me you were planning something Caide~"

You glanced at Caide and he looked to the ground annoyed.

"What's wrong?"

Suddenly he got on one knee and pulled out a ring case.

"Will you marry me?"

Your heart beat and eyes widened.
"Yes!!" you jumped with a laugh and he swung you in the air.


Lance stayed around for a whole week as he helped you plan the wedding that was in two months.

"Want to know something funny?" Lance asked and you looked up interested. "Caides a distant relative of the my spirit wife.."
"What really?" You asked shocked and he nodded.
"You're gonna let me be your best maid right~?" Lance joked and you pushed him.
"Enough about the wedding.." You mumbled pulling the demon to the side, "What really happened?"
"Huh? Oh! Caide flirted with Vice while he was in your body and it screwed with his head. Made him believe he was taking away your happiness.." Lance laughed but that's not what you were talking about.
"No.. with Lila.." You grabbed his arm, "Caide won't tell me anything just I know he knows.."

Lance gave you a confused look, "Honestly Y/n I don't know. What makes you think Caide had something to do with that?"
"When Vice moved on I mentioned her and he gave Caide a weird look.. I know something's up and it's kind of freaking me out" You admitted and the demon nodded.
"Don't worry. You know I'll prevent anything bad from happening to you.. Do you really want me to find out?" he asked serious and you nodded desperate. "Okay I will"


"Babe what's going on?" Caide asked as he came through the door and you ran to his arms.
"You can't be in here!! We're making plans.." you smiled as you kissed his cheek.

You could feel Damon's stare on you both which made you nervous.
You didn't want to not trust Caide.. you did love him.
But a shaman can't kill anyone right?


You were sitting outside the stream organizing the pebbles when you heard rustling.


You watched as Caide suddenly was flung against the tree by Lance in his demon form and you ran to him.

"Lance what are you doing!? This isn't what I was talking about!!!" You yelled running to your soon to be husband.

Caides mouth was taped shut and his hands were tied around his back as you fumbled with the knot.

"Don't untie him yet Y/n.." Lance demanded in a serious tone. You'd never seen him so serious. Usually he was all playful but he looked enraged as black and red blood dripped from his head. "He's untrustworthy!!"

Caide cut his eyes at the demon as his yells were muffled. He glanced at you a bit hurt with agitation.

"Lance what's going on?"

Damon ripped the tape from Caides mouth and he spat. "Fucker untie me!!"
"Caide what's.." you started but sighed, "Caide you better tell me what happened or I'm leaving you"

His face was heartbroken but with a mix of rage.

"I don't kno-"
"I'm serious Caide!! I'll leave with Lance right now!" you yelled cutting him off and he laughed a bit.
"You're bluffing.. I won't let you leave.."
"We'll there's not much you can do when tied up.. is there~?" You leaned down with a smirk and he gritted his teeth.

"Fine. I'll tell you.."


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