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Ash has never been the one to beg for attention or anything but today he was acting extremely...cuddly and clingy. Not that i minded, it was just a bit odd to me. Obviously i didn't ask him about it, just yet...

This all started when I was chilling in the living room on the couch, Ash was on the couch opposite me and he kept looking over at me as if he wanted something. So me being curious, I looked up from my laptop and straight at my needy looking boyfriend. "You alright, baby?" I asked.

"Umm..yeah i just- do you think we could cuddle?" He asked quietly, i gently smiled. "Yeah sure, i just need to finish this essay" I explained before my eyes went back to my laptop. I heard a huff and glanced at Ashtray to see him sink further into the comfy chair. After 2 minutes, i heard my boyfriend again.

"Y/nnnn, are you done yet?" He whined and I chuckled. "Not yet, trouble. I will be soon." I heard him get up and come closer, he rested his head on the arm rest and looked at me. "I just wanna cuddle" i rolled my eyes playfully and ignored him, which wasn't really the best idea because it made him more needy for attention. "Y/n? Y/n. Y/n, stop ignoring me! Y/nnnn...please just one kiss" he begged, I turned and pecked his lips.

"There was your kiss, now please be patient and sit quietly or try to entertain yourself while i work on this, baby" i complained and my boyfriend sighed. "Yes ma'am" he mumbled, a little unhappy from the little attention he got. He slowly got up and sat back on the couch with a frown and furrowed brows. "How long will it take?" He asked, making my attention move back onto him again.

"10 minutes, it'll be longer if you don't leave me alone" i teased, even though it was true. I looked at how miserable he was. He has never wanted this much attention from me before, why was he acting like this? It was quite cute actually, but really weird.  He crossed his arms and frowned, i sighed feeling bad but quickly finished off my essay.

Once i was done, Ashtray was half asleep on the couch. I smiled softly and put my laptop away before going over to my attention-wanting boyfriend. "Ash" i murmured and he hummed lazily. "You done?" He questioned and I chuckled softly. "Come here" I whispered and sat next to him, he slowly crawled into my arms, his head resting on my chest.

I rubbed his head in a gentle matter. "Why you want attention so bad, sweetheart?" I asked and he buried his face into the crook of my neck. "Stressed.." he replied and i frowned and kissed his forehead. "Because of the dealing?" I questioned and he just nodded, I'm guessing he didn't want to speak. "Just relax, okay? You've got all my attention now" I spoke and he let out a small laugh. "Good" I heard him mutter.

He leaned up and pecked my lips before cuddling back into me. "Is that the only kiss i'll get?" I teased then i felt him softly kissing my neck, I laughed because it tickled me. "I love you, Y/n" he murmured. "I love you more, Ash" I whispered.

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