Chapter 26 Exhibition Matches

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No one's POV

Currently, everyone was in a bus heading towards Cerulean City's Gym, with everyone looking out the window to see it.

Currently, everyone was in a bus heading towards Cerulean City's Gym, with everyone looking out the window to see it

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Kukui: There it is.

Mallow: So that's the Cerulean Gym...

Misty: Yep. That's it.

Kiawe: And we're going to have a Gym match there...

Ash: Now I'm fired up.

Once arriving to the gym, everyone exited the bus and made their way inside, and Ash looked around amazed, along with everyone else other then Nhazul.

Ash: Wow! It looks so different from when I was last here.

Misty: That's because we remodeled it.

Sophocles: Huh, there's something there.

Everyone looked over and saw a Psyduck in the field.

Psyduck: Psyduck?

Ash: Whoa! Psyduck!

Lana: It's so cute!

Misty: Psyduck! Thanks for watching the Gym.

Psyduck: Psyduck.

Misty: Welcome to my Gym. The Cerulean Gym.

Ash: Man, I haven't felt like this in awhile! I'm starting to get really anxious to battle!

Kukui: Let me once again introduce these two. This is Misty, Gym Leader of the Cerulean Gym and a Water Type Pokémon Trainer.

Misty: Nice to meet you.

Kukui: And this is Brock, former Gym Leader of the Pewter Gym and a Rock Type Trainer.

Brock: Nice to meet you.

Kukui: Now, I was saving this as another surprise, but we have one last special person who's going to help out.

Everyone looked at Kukui surprised.

Serena: Another person?

Ash: Who is it?

Kukui just chuckled, as he looked at Nhazul smiling. Nhazul just sighed, already having a feeling.

Nhazul: ...-_-... Of course you'd know about that..

Kukui: Nhazul, come up here for a second.

Everyone looked at the two of them confused, as Nhazul walked up, joining Misty and Brock.

Mallow: Nhazul?

Lillie: Nhazul is the special person?

Kukui: That's right. As you all know Nhazul, he's an extremely skilled Pokémon Trainer, as well as being the son of Inei and Syluvia Hatake, former Kalos Champions. But what you all didn't know is that Nhazul is also the new Kanto and Johto Champion.

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