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I was at the gym, throwing punches at my punching bag until this girl walked over. She had bright blonde hair and had way too much fake tan on, but who was i to judge? I ignored her and continued throwing punches but soon noticed that she stood there just staring at me. I stopped what i was doing and caught my breath before turning to her.

"Can i help you?" I asked politely, not wanting to seem rude but it was bothering me that she was just staring at me. She smiled sweetly. "I just wanna say..you're incredibly good at that" i knew what she was doing, but i acted clueless. "Oh uhh..thanks?" I replied and she then smirked. "Also, you have a really good body..." she flirted.

I felt extremely uncomfortable. I had a girlfriend, Y/n L/n and she's the best thing that ever happened to me. I knew she was always paranoid that other girls would flirt with me and thinks i'd leave her for them. But I would never, she doesn't know how much I truly love her. "Thanks again...is there anything you need?" I asked and she walked closer. "You.." she whispered into my ear and i shook my head.

"I have a girlfriend" i spoke, furrowing my brows in annoyance. "She doesn't have to know" she kept on trying, pouting like a child. "You know, i'm in a really healthy relationship with this girl and I really love her, a random girl at the gym won't make me stop feeling that" I replied in a firm tone, making sure she understood but she clearly didn't.

She leaned in to kiss me and i immediately moved away, bumping into someone behind me. I turned to see Jayla and Y/n. Thank god! "Guys, she won't leave me alone" I complained and my sister huffed at the blonde girl before telling her to leave, Y/n was glaring at him, a mad evil glare. "I'm not leaving without my man" the blonde girl said and my girlfriend scoffed.

"He's not a fucking object and fyi, he's my boyfriend, not yours and you've made him really uncomfortable so can you please fuck off!" She yelled at the girl, who scoffed and stormed off. Jayla let out a few laughs and I looked at my girl, i was really proud.

"I'm sorry she made you uncomfortable, Wanna. Are you alright?" She questioned and pulled me into a comforting hug. I wrapped my arms around her, struggling a little because i had my boxing gloves on still. "Yeah...yeah, i'm okay" I smiled and kissed her cheek gently. She's the only girl i'll ever want.

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