Damon Lance SS:

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SS = Sidestory

Damon Lances POV:

I was 15 when I died.
I had a good life. I was a jokester that got on the teachers nerves but it is what it is.

One day when I was walking from school I saw a little boy crossing the street with no parent around.
A giant truck was coming and it was as if my feet moved on their own as I pushed the kid out the way.

Next thing, and not surprisingly, I was dead.
You would think I would have moved on right? Nope, but atleast the little kid was safe.

"Fuck.." I mumbled as I floated up above my mangle body that was now surrounded by medics and a herd of people.
"Well damn I heard of spirits clinging to life but I'm ready to go!" I complained but looked over at the child, "Well it's not like I planned this.. maybe I'll move on in a few minutes.."

But I didn't..
Minutes turned to hours. Hours turned to days.
To weeks, to months, to years.

You'd think I would've went insane by now but it wasn't that bad. Since my corpse was buried, I wasn't bound to the same street I died.
I roamed and watched as time reversed and people started using horses again. I saw laws change and empires built.

It was as if people went back in time.. but no one seemed to remember how good the technology was but me?

I just accepted I'd be a spirit for eternity.. I just fooled around and scared some humans until I met this girl.
She was beautiful.
Her long red hair made me stop in my tracks as I peered from behind the trees.
She was so mature.
I wish I could kiss her beautiful bronze skin.

The man whom she was talking to obviously would not know how to handle such a woman.

"Man.." I mumbled as I watched my love interest.

Is only I wasn't dead..

She wore a lot of purple which was strange for the time period.
Everyday I worked up the courage to talk to her. Everyday I watched her from afar as she smiled brightly.

I watched her for years until one day I grew a pair.

I'm gonna do it!

I floated behind a tree and waited as she picked apples.

Wait.. how? Damn it I forgot humans can't see me!

My plan had failed before it had even begun and I slumped back against a tree.

But I really love her..

I sighed aloud and depressed. I heard leaves crunching so I turned.

"Huh?" I looked to the spot where she was at and she was gone. I got up alarmed and searched for her.
I floated above the trees and down below as I searched and as I neared some leaves, I could finally hear someone saying help.

I searched some more and found she had fell in a hole.

"Are you okay!?" I yelled and she nodded.
"I hurt my ankle!"
I floated down and picked her up bridal style as I rescued her.
"You're so cold.." she mumbled as I set her down and I gasped.
"You can see me! And hear me!"
"Yeah.. I'm the daughter of a shaman.."

That guy was here dad?!

"Wait! So you've seen me watching you?" I asked a little embarrassed and she laughed.
"Of course.. I'm just not allowed to associate with spirits. My dad said I'm not trained well enough even though I'm twenty" she smiled to herself and I blushed.
"I'm sorry for being creepy! I didn't know.."
"It's okay.." she looked at me with her gleaming green eyes, "I thought it was sweet.."

I clasped her hand despite my coldness.

"I'm in love with you!" I yelled and her eyes widened before laughing.


She spent days with me talking.
Days turned to years and she was now 25.
Sadly, I remained in the original form I died.

"You're getting married?!" I exclaimed upset and she sighed.
"I don't want too.. but we have to keep the shaman blood running with the other tribe.." she mumbled as we sat beneath a tree, "You know I'm not supposed to talk to you.."
"But! Wait.."
"Stop Lance.. I even asked my father to help you move on but nothing works. I can't be held back because of you.." she stood up with tears and I felt heartbroken despite having no heart.
"No please.."
"Goodbye.." she walked off leaving me by myself beneath that apple tree.

I wanted to go after her but she was right.
I stopped keeping track of how long I'd been "alive" 300 years?
Who knows..

I just sat under that tree for awhile.
People just walked passed me unable to see me.
I hoped one day she'd come back.


I opened my eyes and almost jumped when I saw her crying to me.
She was 36 now, but still as beautiful as ever.

The bruises on her wasn't as lovely.
She had a baby a few years back, and I guess now her loving husband was tired of her.
"Damon please.. I don't know what to do.. I'm not happy and I'm tired of being in pain.." she admitted with tears and I gulped.
"I'll make you my spirit wife.. I'll take care of you"
"A charmer?!" She exclaimed shocked before frowning, "Do you even love me anymore? I'm not young like I used to be.."

I smiled.

"Of course. Your outer appearance is still beautiful. I've been alive so long, age isn't anything but a number to me.." I kissed her cheek as I slipped on the wooden ring I carved. "I understand if you don't want too.. although I would love it you did." I smiled.
"Lance.. I'm so thankful for you.. I wish you were alive when I was young" she smiled and I laughed.
"Should we get started?"
"No.. I have to say goodbye to my son.." she trailed off sadly, "I know he'll do well and make us proud.."
"Alright.. sneak out and meet me by the tree tonight okay?"
"Okay Lance!"


I was so excited.
You had no idea how happy I was!!
I had someone to spend eternity with!
I had learned about spirit wife's a few years back but that doesn't matter now.
I waited hours and when night fall came, a smile was on my face.

I waited.
And waited.. but she never came.

To be continued.

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