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REQUESTED BY red_is_gay15

Stan and i have been dating for a couple weeks now, we met about 4 months ago and grew extremely close and we eventually got together. Our relationship was fun, healthy and cute. But what have we received ever since we got together?


From all of the Hargreeves!

Stan and I would simply be chatting casually and Klaus would tease us for just breathing near each other. Diego would tease his son about the gentle hugs he gives to me. Five would tease us about the kissing and i'd end up teasing him about Dolores the doll...Klaus tells me everything!

But what the whole family tease us about is hand holding. Yeah, HAND HOLDING! Its not even that much of a big deal, I thought they'd tease us more about the kissing but no...its hand holding which is quite weird but Stan and I learnt to deal with it.

Kind of?

Stan and I walked into the living room, our hands interlocked and Lila immediately noticed us and smirked. "Look who it is, the cutest couple ever!" She exclaimed in a teasing tone, Diego, who was sat by her, grinned at us. "Aren't you two cute..oh and does everyone see what they're doing?" His grin uplifted into a smirk and he glanced at Klaus and Viktor, who were the only ones in the room.

"Oh yeah..THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS!" Klaus yelled in awe, Lila and Diego started laughing while Viktor shook his head, Stan turned red in embarrassment and i stood there awkwardly. Okay, so we weren't exactly used to it. "So we can kiss without getting teased but our hands can't touch without getting teased, what the fuck?" Stan asked.

"Watch your language, Stanley" Diego scolded, Stanley quickly shut up and Viktor rolled his eyes before looking at us. "They're just being immature, i think you guys are cute" he said with a smile. He's always been the most pure one (VIKTOR<3). "Its funny to tease them though" Lila spoke up, smiling widely. I gently squeezed Stan's hand.

Which didn't go unnoticed by kLaUs.

"SHE SQUEEZED HIS HAND, HOW CUTE!" He yelled...well, basically squealed. I huffed and shook my head while my boyfriend sighed in absolute annoyance. "You guys have serious issues" Stan said and Lila rolled her eyes, along with Klaus. "We're just happy for you both" Lila said kindly. "Then show it without teasing us, it's annoying" i said before walking off to get something to drink.

"Look, you pissed off my girlfriend" Stanley went to complain but i quickly yelled; "NO THEY DIDNT, STAN!" He crossed his arms. "Okay you didn't but next time, you're really in for it" he threatened before walking out, keeping an extra eye on them before fully turning around and rushing towards me.

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