Chpt 26.

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The next day..

*KNOCK KNOCK* a knocking sound of a door came in. I decided to ignored it and slept for a while till the person behind the door started knocking aggressively.

"Son of a bi- who could be knocking at the door this early- oh it's you Ofc"I opened the door to not only see Lumine,she was wearing a yellow flower dress,with yellow and white heels and Aether behind wore an small oversized shirt and baggy pants.

"You look emo"

"Oh well how rude!"Aether snarled while I gave out a small laugh. "Say,how come your not dress up??"Lumine asked. I stared at her and gave her a weird look. "It's like idk 8 in the morning, obv I don't dress at that time. I'd rather stay in and slee-"
Lumine then push me aside and went to my closet as she pick out clothes for me to wear.

"Nope! NOPe! Ooh! Yes! Here! Wear it now and stop complaining!"she handed me the clothes and closed my room door for me to change.

I sighed and placed the shirt on and pants. I look at my body mirror to view the full clothes. I'm Ngl she's actually good on styling.

I got out and walked up to the twins who were waiting outside. The moment I stepped outside I could feel the cold breeze going through my skin,making me get goosebumps. "Omg! Why at the worst weather!"

"It feels amazing! The breeze and everything!!"Lumine pointed up at the grey fluffy clouds.

A few seconds later my stomach started to rumble. "Uhh haha..! I'm just hungry that's it! Could we eat first before we start doing activities?"I requested. They both nodded and said that there was a dining restaurant down the street.

We three decided to go there but stopped and thought for a moment as if we were missing someone.

"Oh right! Xiao!"I said. "Didn't u see him leave??"Aether asked. "Nope I'm a heavy sleeper! I'll probably just text him and asked if he can come!"I pulled out my phone then started texting while walking along the sidewalks.

I wrote down 'HII! R u gonna hang out with us later??' And then send.

Soon enough he texted back 'that was quick'

I read it saying 'I just asked her and we'll probably come at around 11,where do you guys wanna meet?'

I typed back 'At the spring park'

He left me on read....

"Welp!"I placed my phone back in.

"He said we'll meet him around 11 and at the Spring park!"I exclaimed. "Hm. Sounds good!"Aether said

"So what time is it right now??"I asked. "It's muffins TIME!"Lumine shouted.

"No you stupid bitch it's only 9:06"Aether looked down at his phone. "Your so lame"

We continued our walk to the dining foods.

After that (I'm lazy)We then walked straight to the spring park. And holy it was pack with full of kids. Well I see why though.

I grabbed out my phone and texted him 'we're here!!''

He texted back 'yeah us too,we're besides a big tree'I stared at the message blankly. This dumb Hoe,what And which tree is he talking about?!

"HUH How are we gon find him!?"Lumine said.

"He's somewhere...oh there he is! And there's a child with him...Oh! That must be the kid! Hurry up guys!"Aether ran towards him,while the two of us followed behind him.

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