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REQUESTED BY iheartjavonnn

The Waltons invited me to go to a water park with them. Of course, i was excited but nervous at the same time. I wasn't exactly comfortable with my body but the only swimsuit i had was well...a bikini. The whole car journey to the water park, i was getting more and more anxious, Jayla noticed that.

"Yo, you alright Y/n/n?" She asked, Jayla was like an older sister to me. "What? Yeah, perfectly fine" I replied with a fake smile. "You sure? You've been really quiet?" Javon jumped in, giving me a worried look. "Guys, I promise i'm fine" i laughed it off and they both nodded before joining in the conversation with DJ and Jessica.

When we arrived at the water park, everyone got their swimming stuff on, I couldn't help but admire Jayla. She had the most perfect body, Javon lightly nudged me. "You promise you're okay?" He asked and i smiled at him. "Yeah, i am. Now lets go!" I took his hand and we rushed over to the water slides, Jaden, Jayla and Daelo followed after us along with their parents.

When we walked past the pools, i saw multiple girls. Amazing bodies, beautiful smiles and they actually had the perfect body for a bikini (every body is a perfect body btw<3) and it just made me feel more insecure, i hated bikinis. They made me feel worse. As Jaden, Jayla and Daelo went on the water slides, i stayed back and watched...Javon stayed with me.

"Talk to me Y/n, i'm worried about you" I didn't mean to ignore him, but it felt like all eyes were on me. Every beautiful girl i looked at, it felt like they looked back and me and just...judged me. I coveredmy stomach nervously. "Y/n? Hellooo?" Wanna waved a hand in front of my face and it snapped me back to reality. "You gonna tell me why you're acting so weird?" He laughed but i just shook my head.

He then knew something was seriously up.

"I want my hoodie back.." I mumbled and he furrowed his brows. "You're not getting in? You normally love water parks...whats going on?" He asked and i sighed. "I just..i feel really uncomfortable in a bikini" I confessed, covering my stomach even more, Wanna noticed this quickly. "I feel really ugly around the girls who actually look good in bikinis"

He furrowed his brows. "But...you look really good in bikinis?" He questioned and i smiled weakly and shook my head. "Not as good as them, Wanna" i spoke sadly and he gently took me in his arms. "Y/n, you look prettier than any other girl here, you look perfect in a bikini. You're so beautiful, understand me?" He reassured and rubbed my arms.

"It feels like everyone's judging me though" my voice cracked but Javon shook his head. "Nobody's judging you, ma. They're probably jealous of you" he grinned and i smiled a little bit. "Now come on, lets go have some fun. You love the water park, we can't let stupid thoughts get in the way of that!" He said and dragged me away to the slides.

I laughed happily, glad that Javon knew exactly how to make me feel better.

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