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" 17th birthday graphic contest "

for my second-ever graphic contest, i wanted to do something extra special and host it before my 17th birthday!! I know that my birthday is in a weird space where people are starting school again, so I wanted to give everyone a chance to participate and a fair amount of time to get to work on entries!!

the layout of this contest is heavily
inspired by the wonderful queens-hope
(love you cas <3)

plus, my graphics have improved a lot since my last contest — which means that there's a lot more in store for you all in "prizes"

" important information "

001 ──  " graphics "

you are allowed to submit any and all kinds of graphics in this contest, ranging from covers to gifs of any kind to video edits and etc!! you make what you want to, for whatever fic (or fics) you want, and you can make as many entries as you want to!!

002 ──  " judging "

judging will be based off of: effort, creativity, first-impression values, and the amount of fun you had making the entry(ies)!!

bonus points are taken into account by: care and attention to detail and fitting the story and the graphic together, if your graphic represents that you know the book the graphic goes with.

this contest will remain free of bias and the results will truly show the best of the participants

003 ──  " deadline "

the deadline of this contest will be SEPTEMBER 12TH 2022, 09/10/2022. that means that the contest will run from July 1 to September 12.

my birthday is actually on September 2nd, but I want to be sure that everyone has enough time to be able to work on entries (and so that no one feels rushed)!!

004 ──  " extensions "

if you find yourself truly in need of a time extension I have to be informed at least three days before the deadline as everyone else will be notified of the extension and that everyone has extra time within the time you are given

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