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Before Ash and i started dating, we absolutely hated each other but now i know the real him. Deep down inside, he wanted to feel loved, he wanted to BE loved. So i gave that feeling to him.

We laid face to face in his bed, my hand was gently caressing his cheek and i knew he liked it because he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment. I smiled at him and admired his features. He had the most adorable button nose, nice lips and cool tattoos.

The slit in his eyebrow was just perfect and his buzzcut...damn, he really suited a buzzcut. My thumb continued to rub his cheek before i leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his nose, his eyes immediately opened. I kissed his cheeks, forehead, nose before eventually kissing his lips.

Tears formed in his eyes, the affection wasn't new to him but he still wasn't fully used to it. I pulled back to smile at him and he smiled back, lips quivering. I leaned forward to give him another soft kiss and that seemed to make the first tear fall. I pulled away in concern but he shook his head and whispered "no.." in a gentle, needy tone and kissed me once again.

We kissed for about 10 minutes, pulling away for air once in a while obviously. Ash's kisses got more sloppily and lazy, i knew he was getting tired. I laughed and moved his head so it was in the crook of my neck. I rubbed the back of his neck in comfort, letting him know i was still there.

"I love you, Ash" I whispered and he nuzzled his nose into me, tickling my neck slightly forcing a chuckle from my lips. "you too love Y/n.,." He fumbled up his words, something he always tends to do when he's half asleep, i found it insanely cute. I laughed at his words, knowing exactly what he meant and kissed his forehead.

I felt something wet on my neck, making me grow concerned. "Baby, you okay?" I asked and i felt his hands cling onto me. "Thank you" he cried and i held him closer, my hand moving down to his back, gently rubbing there too. "What for?" I questioned softly. "Fo-for loving me..." he answered, sobbing. He was fully awake again but so tired to the point he got a little emotional. "Aww, Ash. I'll always love you." I replied, smiling widely.

"You promise?" I heard him whisper, looking up at me. "I definitely promise, Ash" i spoke firmly and he grinned like an idiot, then his eyes closed and he drifted into a deep sleep. I'm happy that I could make Ash feel loved and happy too.

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