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 Taymor Pov2 days later, Wednesday Floria, MiamiDNA Center📍 2:34 Pm

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Taymor Pov
2 days later, Wednesday
Floria, Miami
DNA Center📍
2:34 Pm


Taymor sat in the lobby waiting for Dayvon and Kentrell to pull up to get the results of their DNA tests. "Stop playing on the floor Cee that's dirty and if I tell you again I'ma pop you" Taymor spoke loudly for her to hear, but she continued to slide on the floor so Taymor reached over and grabbed her lifting her on her feet, so he can brush her clothes off.

"Let go uncle's coming" Cee whined pulling away from Taymor trying to get to Dayvon and Kentrell as she seen them come in the door, which made Taymor pop her hand.

"Cee stop and let me wipe yo clothes off" Taymor whispered, while Cee started sniffling only to be lift up by a pair of strong hands.

"Chill on her you can't just hit her cause of a mistake" Dayvon said, rocking Cee in his arms as he cried softly.

Taymor rolled his eyes, brushing off his clothes. "I told her more then six times to get up. Stop babying her" Taymor mumbled, knowing they had a soft spot for Cee after only watching her for one day.

"McIntyre, Gaulden, And Bennt-" The lady paused once she lift her hand up and saw Dayvon and Kentrell.

"Y'all here but can't answer my texts?" Misharron spat, making Kentrell hide his face. "And who this nigga y'all with?" Misharron snapped her neck at Taymor.

Taymor looked left and right before pointing to himself. "Yes you bitch who else" Misharron rolled her eyes holding a envelope in her hand.

"Your about 20 maybe 21 working at a DNA center and being niggas groupies, chase a bag and stop running after dick" Taymor said, before walking up towards her and snatching the envelope out of her hand.

Misharron stood there with a shock face before opening her mouth to say something again. "You gonna let him talk to be like that?" Misharron looked at Dayvon.

"Yeah?" Dayvon looked around awkwardly, holding Cee in his arms as he rocked her gently.

Taymor sat the envelope on top of the twin's car seat before picking it up while Misharron yelled at him calling him all types names, suddenly Taymor was pulled back and the car seats hit the ground.

"Stupid hoe" Misharron spat as she pulled Taymor by his shirt making him fall with the car seats in his arms.

Dayvon quickly sat Cee down as him and Kentrell quickly ran to grab the car seats.

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