Cole (41)

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It's true what they say about being lonely in a crowded room. I feel it now.

When I look back, I keep expecting to see a grumpy Theo grumbling behind me, but he's not there.

When I glance beside me, I keep expecting to see a glint of ruby here and there in a tangle of waves, intoxicating cognac eyes looking up at me in various degrees of wonder, mirth, and naughtiness. I'm not seeing any of those. Just a pretty girl who makes me feel guilty and concerned at the same time.

Lihim akong napabuntong-hininga. This isn't the first time I've questioned the sanity of Orianna and my prom plans. But here I am, standing next to a quiet senior, waiting in line to take pictures at the photo wall while the rest of the party arrives.

The only consolation I have in this whole debacle is the older girl's unwillingness to be with me. She's not interested in me, and I chose her for that very reason. She got a lot of flak from her batch mates as a result, which is where my guilt comes from.

"Nang Ivory, you look very nice tonight." I cringe at my own words.

She glanced at me, amusement flashes in her eyes. "Masarap na sana pakinggan kung hindi lang sa salitang 'nang'."

I squirmed in awkwardness that had her grinning. I think this is the first time I've ever seen her relax around me. She reached out a hand and gently patted my arm.

"You're choking on your compliments, Cole. Relax. You don't have to stroke my ego. You've been so tensed and you're making me anxious as a result. Eh, neurotic na nga ako in the first place."

Namagitan ang katahimikan sa aming dalawa pagkatapos niya iyong sabihin.

Ang tagal umusad nang pila. At ang tagal lumipas nang oras. The event will start at 7PM. Sinundo ko na si Ate Ivory sa Girls' Dorm nang alas sais pa lang nang hapon.

Not my idea. It was Mommy's. Sumama siyang magsundo nang prom date ko. I was secretly horrified but the excitement in my mother's face and voice held my tongue. Hindi na lang ako umimik nang sumakay rin siya sa passenger's seat at napilitang lumipat si Theo sa tabi ko sa likuran.

Si Mommy din ang dahilan kung bakit ang already awkward na sitwasyon ay mas tumindi. She asked a lot of questions of my date. She threw around a lot of compliments, too. Compliments that Ate Ivory didn't exactly know what to do with. And, lastly, she took a ton of pictures. Of me. Of my date. Of us together. Of Ate's parents who came to help their daughter. She dragged Daddy's driver out of the car and commissioned one of the school guards to take pictures of the two families.

Kung ipapa-print ni Mommy ang mga larawan, siguradong siya lang ang may maayos at malapad na ngiti sa aming lahat. My date certainly looked like a deer caught in headlights, and she would have fled if she could. I would have joined her, too.

Idagdag pa na hindi ako maka-concentrate na umaktong maligaya dahil sa gilid ng mga mata ko, nakikita ko si Igor na pinagbubuksan nang pinto ang date ni Orianna.

I clenched my teeth silently at the sight. I encouraged this, so I should suck it up and bear it. The knowledge doesn't dampen my desire to pick a fight with someone, preferably the senior whom Orianna invited to the prom.

I watched the senior tumble ungracefully into the car. My eyes zeroed in on his empty hands. Wala man lang siyang iaabot kay Orianna? Is he fucking kidding me? Why did she even pick this guy?

Napatingin ako sa paper bag na hawak-hawak ni Ate Ivory. It's covered in pink hearts with my name tacked to it.

Heto na naman ang Mommy. Ipapahamak na naman ako sa pabigay-bigay nang kung ano-ano sa ibang babae. Sinilip ko iyon bago inabot at nakaita kong perfume ang laman niyon.

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