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Stan and i were bored wandering around the academy, there wasn't much things to do and we've kinda run out of pranks and were now bored out of our damn minds! We sat on the couch, my head resting on his shoulder carefully. It was all peaceful until Klaus stumbled in.

"Oh hey guys...well- nevermind" he paused and Stan and i looked at him, i raised my head off his shoulder. "Uncle Klaus, we're bored" Stan whined and Klaus chuckled, pulling out a £5 note and handing it to my boyfriend. "Go buy yourselves something" he spoke and Stan took my hand and we rushed off, yelling out a thank you to Klaus.

We made our way around the city to see anything that interested us, we didn't find anything. So we headed off to a store and got a slush. I got a cherry one while Stan got a blueberry one. After that, we just headed back to the academy and sat on the couch once again.

"Cherry is definitely the best!" "No, blueberry is" "How can blueberry beat cherry?!" "It just can!" We argued back and forth about the best flavour. "Okay, why don't we eat have a sip of each others?" I suggested and Stan shrugged. "Fine" he agreed. He handed me his and i gave him mine. "Three. Two. One. Drink!" We spoke simultaneously and began drinking the cold...flavoured ice.

"Damn, this is kinda good...can't beat cherry though" I admitted and Stan raised a brow. "I agree with you..cherry is so fucking good!" He continued drinking it and i had to grab it off him. "Hey, thats mine!" I laughed and he huffed. "I like it though.." he said and as i went to reply, Diego walked in.

"Oh hey? What have you two been doing?" He asked, giving us a suspicious glance. "Uncle Klaus gave us money to get something, so we got slushies" I replied and smiled. "Since when did they sell purple ones?" He chuckled and Stan and i looked at each other in confusion when Diego's eyes widened in shock before he called Klaus in.

The man walked in with a questioning look. "What?" He questioned and Diego looked at us. "Show your tongues" in confusion, Stan and i showed our tongues. Both of them were purple, but...did it really matter? "What flavour slushies did you guys have?" Klaus asked, a smirk on his face. Stan raised a brow. "I had blueberry and she had cherry?" He replied, furrowing his brows in confusion.

"Diego, the kids are not kids anymore" Klaus informed, letting out a few laughs. Diego looked absolutely livid. "YOU TWO MADE OUT?" He yelled and took Stan by the collar of his shirt, not aggressively though. Our eyes widened. "WHaT?" Stanley asked, his voice cracking in fear. "You two are WAY too young to be swapping spit..or in this case, swapping coloured fucking ice, fuck!" Diego scoffed and let his son go.

I took Stan in my arms. "We know that" I answered and Stan nodded along. "Yeah, that's exactly why we didn't make out, we just shared our slushies!" He raised his voice, i knew Stan hated being accused of things. You knew exactly when he was telling the truth because he got extremely defensive over it. Diego paused and Klaus scratched his head. "You sure?" They both questioned.

"Yes. We were having a debate whether cherry or blueberry is the best slush and decided to swap and taste each others, thats why our tongues are purple" Stan explained calmly. Diego stayed silent, he did look relieved though. After a few moments of silence, Klaus decided to say "cherry's the best" "wha- no, blueberry. definitely." Diego defended.

I scoffed with a grin and took Stanley's hand before dragging him off and in the distance, we heard Diego and Klaus having the exact same argument as Stan and i had earlier on. We just hid behind the corner and listened to it. Lets just say, Klaus and Diego had to go out and buy multiple slushies for each family member of the Hargreeves family to see what they thought too...goodness me.

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