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"No, fuck you, Raf. I'm telling you something is wrong," I curse, pacing in the middle of Morelli's living room.

I dial Hana's number again while Rafael lounges on one of the couches, eating a bag of chips. Her line goes to voicemail.


I call the next person who would know about Hana's whereabouts.

"You're overreacting, Sof," he crunches on another chip, "They could just be getting it on and their phones are on the floor in a heap of their clothes."

I shake my head, "He would've texted us, at least letting us know he would be home late. He wouldn't leave Carina like that."

Finally, on the last ring, Vanessa picks up the phone. "The hell, Fi? It's almost 2 AM."

"I'm sorry mi flor," my flower, "but it's important. I don't know where Hana and Morelli are, and they aren't answering their phones. Do you know where they could be?"

I hear rustling over the phone, like she's getting up from bed. God, I really hate waking her up so late. She's been tired lately with back-to-back shoots, and pressure from her publishing agency to produce another book.

"Um, Han texted me earlier, like way way earlier, about picking an outfit for this fancy restaurant Luca was taking her to," she hums like she's scrolling through her texts, "She texted me the restaurant name so I could see how fancy it was to match an outfit with it."

"Great, can you text the name to me?"

My phone dings with the notification.

"Thank you, love. Go back to sleep alright? I'll get you updates as soon as I have them."

She murmurs her goodbye and hangs up. When I turn around, I find Raf staring at me with a lopsided smile.

"How long have you guys been dating now?" He asks, and dumps the chip crumbs into his mouth.

I open the text and see the restaurant name, "Like three months? In a week, it'll be four." I quickly copy the name and text it to Dexter.

Me: Run this name. See if there were any accidents today within a 10-20 mile radius.

Luckily, Dex never really sleeps, so he answers fairly quickly.

Dexter: Checking now. Why?

Me: Don't know yet.

I groan frustratedly, running my hand through my hair.

Carina is sound asleep upstairs. She was upset that Hana wasn't home when she came back from school, but after she had dinner, Chinese take-out because neither me or Raf can cook, she conked out.

What's the possibility that Hana and Morelli are just fine, probably laughing their asses off in the middle of the night?

"Sit down, would you?" Raf pleads, "I can feel my blood pressure rising every time you pace."

I roll my eyes, but sit anyway. My leg bounces as I wait for another text from Dexter. It takes about five more minutes, but my phone starts ringing.

I hope that it's either Hana or Morelli calling me back, but instead, Dexter's name pops up. Alarm pokes at my stomach.

"Yeah?" I answer. Raf watches me closely, suddenly cautious. I put the phone on speaker so he can hear too.

"Listen, I found five different car accidents within that radius. What do you want me to do with it?"

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