26 || THE RIDE

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"Guys, I think we may or may not have fucked this up."

THEY HAD ALMOST ARRIVED at the destination, Nancy was now sitting up front with Steve, Max and Lucas sat at the back whereas Eddie and Fi were squashed together on the floor.

"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with..." Fiona trailed off as her eyes roamed around the trailer. "Oh! This is a good one. S."

"Oh, I wonder what it could be." Eddie spoke unenthusiastically as his eyes landed on his shoes. "Let me guess, shoes."

"What? How—how did you know?" Fiona asked in disbelief as she gaped at the boy. "I don't, Fi, maybe it was the fact you've done shoes almost every time." He shrugged.

"My bad if my options are limited." Fiona grumbled making Eddie chuckle. Fiona looked at the boy as he did the same back causing the two to hold eye contact.

Eddie blinked making Fiona clap her hands excitedly, "I win! I win!"

"Win what?" Eddie questioned, visibly confused by the girl's actions. "The staring contest, duh." Fiona rolled her eyes, her face still holding her small smile.

The trailer had arrived at War Zone making the group of friends, minus Eddie, Dustin and Lucas, hop out and look at their surroundings. "Woah, it's really busy." Fiona scratched her head as they moved towards the entrance.

Walking in, they quickly stopped to look at all the weapons which they were currently surrounded with. Many people were around making Robin's eyes widen. "So much for avoiding angry hicks."

"Let's be...fast." Nancy told her friends who all immediately nodded their heads in agreement.

The group had separated into their own groups, Robin and Steve went into one direction, Nancy and Max into another leaving Erica and Fiona.

"So, what do you fancy?" Fiona asked as Erica pushed around a shopping cart. "Oh, you know, dangerous stuff.

Fiona grabbed a box of what looked like extremely dangerous explosives and nodded her head before throwing them into the cart. "Seems good to me."

Erica grabbed anything they walked past which was basically everything. "So, why did we need this stuff when we've got you?" Erica asked the girl making Fiona shrug.

"Wish I knew." Fiona sighed as she threw some knives into the cart. "Aren't you supposed to be Ms Powerful?" The Sinclair girl questioned making Fi nod her head. "Yep."

Erica went to ask another question but when they turned the corner and saw Jason standing next to Nancy, they quickly stopped. "Oh, shit." Fiona mumbled as she saw more of Jason's friends around them.

"I've got a feeling this may not end well." Fiona quietly told Erica who slowly nodded her head, "Me too."

Fiona and Erica were right. Jason and his cliché of friends had spotted them, causing them to rush out of the place, meaning they stole everything, and to the trailer.

Fi was the one to pull open the door and climb in first, "What happened?" Lucas asked the girl as she threw her equipment down.

"We've gotta go, like, now." Fiona rushed out as the others soon joined them in the vehicle. "Your old friends are here." Erica told her brother as she made it into the trailer making Lucas' eyes go wide.

Steve climbed into the driver's seat as Nancy closed the door behind her. "Let's go! Let's go!" Dustin yelled at Steve who rushed to turn the vehicle on.

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